Pop OS on the surface tablet has so many glitches even after adding all the surface related kernel and pkgs. This is more due to the Surface than Pop OS but it's the most annoying.

Guess I need to go back to my X220T, try to go away and I always am disappointed

I return, with a shiny new Umbrel node. Moving again in a month so it'll go down but man so easy to set up!

This with strike and podfriend I'll be stacking sats and boosting all over in no time!

Welp, it was the SSD enclosure. No crashes overnight and still going strong.

So crazy

Going on 2 hours and no crashing of bitcoind with this new enclosure.

Overnight will be the real test

I did just get the recommend SSD enclosure, so I will see if the hardware could be an issue.

I was also thinking a powered usb hub, as maybe it's a power issue? The Pi it self seems fine, but maybe I got a lemon, or I but the case on a bit tight 😬

Well this is painful, Raspiblitz keeps failing and need to be rebooted. Seems to lose the SSD randomly. Had to reboot 8 times already.

At 22% but I am wondering if I should d/l the blockchain separately then move it over.

Also makes me want to try Umbrel, as RaspiBlitz seems like it would be frustrating for the masses.

Well the screen came in and RaspiBlitz did not hang! I'm off to the races!

Now to wait 24 hours (or so I'm told)

Following this video:

If I can so can you!

Got all the parts for raspiblitz box, though the screen is not a direct plug-able version so I have to wait for the new one.

Going to flash the OS before heading to bed and tomorrow just do it all plugged into a regular screen.

Just tested nextcloud talk off the pi with both users on the same pi4. Worked great without video!

All local but I would imagine it would work the same once I learn enough to expose it to the world.

Nextcloudpi from OwnYourBits is just amazing. Got it up and running in 10 minutes, now time to link everything and get rid of the ugly light mode.

Can't wait to fail at something new!

Just ordered the parts for a RaspiBlitz set up to link to Sphinx Chat. Can't wait to dive into this, even if it's way outside my knowledge base.

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