@Meremortals @jamescridland Hi this looks like chapter art images. I can't use Webp but I do you a mixture of JPG and PNG. I wonder if one of those images was either corrupted or too large.

@jamescridland does that mean if you upload an audio file to descript and then export to say Buzzsprout it will auto link the transcript to descript. I'll test this

@dave thanks. Been lurking here for a while. ;-)

Quietly thinking about how to make podcasts more interactive with listeners.

1. Can Trackbacks or Pingbacks offer any help? Not sure.

2. Playing with Podpages new audio comments which could be useful. Especially if they can be linked to a timestamp on the player.

Lastly, James wrote a good post on Apple - medium.com/curious/apple-podca.

The answer could be wider support for Websub.

None of this is clear in my head so just observing.

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So we had a meeting at blubrry on the namespaces. Angelo has some concerns on a couple of items and he is going to send me the write up over.

We have a plan on what we will be tackling first. We run the castfeedvalidator.com so once the namespaces are locked in we will start updating that tool to support the namespaces.

We will also start updating some of our tools powerpress and others over 4-5 phases. Big lift for us as we have three systems to update.

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It's quite exciting that there's a spec for additional tags. More exciting that many people have been talking about this for years but have failed to spend the time to put up a straw man, as @dave has done. In a month we've seen more innovation in this space than the last ten years. Bravo to Dave and @adam .

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