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Someone is promoting Hive... πŸ˜‰

πŸŽ† GUID Support for Satoshis.Stream

πŸ˜ƒ Not standard, still supported, Satoshis.Stream now parses GUIDs wherever PodcastIndex IDs would be entered before (feedID field).

πŸ˜ƒ For those for who (for whatever reason) don't want to use 7629169, you can (still) set field 7629175 to the podcastindex ID, you can put the podcastindex GUID in field 7629175 now, too.

sqlite> select podcastGuid from podcasts limit 5;


πŸ“Š 125 (of 728 / 17.2%) podcasts use Satoshis.Stream

That number keeps growing. All those 3speak ones, wow...

@kyle @adam @satoshisstream Ok, issue /messagesub help to see the command syntax to use.

This is fine: πŸ”₯

* "Market share" of Satoshis.Stream dropped from 42.9% to 31.0%.
* Total number of enabled podcasts has gone from 273 to 387 in a week [!!]
* Main reason is 3speak podcasts being added, which use their own node[s]! πŸ‘

More podcasts using is good. We are doing this for the benefit of Bitcoin and Lightning. As long as the total number goes up, we (Satoshis.Stream) are happy! ⚑

@satoshisstream yup. That's my fault πŸ˜ƒ got a lot of work to do on front end to let the owners edit stuff like Channel info but essentially I've been allowed to turn into a video podcast host.

Wow dozens of new value enabled podcasts tonight, mainly "3Speak Podcast"!

@satoshisstream Ok, finally got the weekly dump working with the podcastGuid field. It was IPFS not updating properly. I upgraded to v0.9 and it works now. Bug maybe.

@jamescridland I know you use this too. FYI.

Really excited hearing @aric about the "new podcasterwallet" (how should I call it?) ⚑

Also am I quoting the right [Aric/Eric/Erik/πŸ‘€] πŸ˜„ ?

"Fantastic seeing the message alert pop up immediately after hitting send in CurioCaster. What a game changer." ⚑ πŸŽ‰ ❀️

⚑️ This was a productive day for podcasting and value sending using Satoshis.Stream! ⚑️

1) Invoices are now handled instantly
2) Message parsing and output in /export
3) Sending messages to Telegram channels of your podcast (use /messagesub)
4) Allow for posting donations to Discord

Support channel (

Now we want:
* More apps to support adding messages to boosts
* For streamers: a web app to receive webhooks and displaying on a page to stream embedding

@adam @dave does this make sense to you? Can you possibly discuss in board meeting? Also having more apps support message sending would be epic.

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Looking for web devs for a "micro service" πŸ‘€

If anyone can make a webhook receiver (https://site/webhook/123) that shows received messages (json field content) on a web page (https://site/show/123), streamers can display value-payments in live streams πŸ‘€

Not sure if anyone (here) can make such a thing, but Satoshis.Stream can instantly send messages to any webhook url...

β„ΉοΈπŸš€ Does your podcast have a discord server? You can now INSTANTLY send donation messages to your discord channel. Type /discord to see how!

As always, you can get support at

ℹ️ πŸŽ‰ Do you use Satoshis.Stream and does your podcast have a telegram channel?

Then we have GREAT NEWS:

You can add @SatoshisStreamBot to your channel and say: /messagesub add to receive messages INSTANTLY!

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