Satoshis Stream makes it very easy for musicians to display, copy then paste this information from Telegram to wherever they choose.


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Oops. Bot did not expect uppercase invoices before. It does now. If you were angry because I stole your money (eg: you could not withdraw) that is fixed now ⚡ 🎉

We got another Boostagram! Special boost shoutout to Medus for the 5000 sat donation! 🙏🚀

We love how easy it is to intergrate our boostagrams into Discord with the @satoshisstream bot. 🙌

#value4value #Boostagrams #shoutout

Happy Easter everybody !

Podcasting 2.0 related Easter story:

It’s Easter (Good Friday today)

and I’ve just got Easter wishes on my Apple Watch (via @satoshisstream ) from @Cbrooklyn112 :

@satoshisstream @adam

Batching results in a single lightning transaction referring to multiple payments, maybe for multiple different episodes/podcasts. But the transaction can have one single 7629169 custom record only. In this case valueMsat refers to the total batched amount payed in this transaction, valueMsat total has no sense, and I think should be nil in this case.

Guest on a podcast? You can now use Satoshis.Stream's personal wallet feature to receive sats:

Yo @dave can you please add custom key 7771777 to the podcasterwallet dropdown?

Working on personal wallets (for splits!)


Appreciate all these updates and thanks for the great service you provide.

ℹ️ Fees to @PodcastindexOrg node now set to LOW regardless of the balance

ℹ️ New command for podcasters: /top . Send it and it will show the top 5 boosters.

ℹ️ Sender names are now shown in /export
ℹ️ Links to episode sheets added in first /export page
ℹ️ Top booster list (sorted by sender name) added

Hey @dave, I'll probably go @satoshisstream considering how painless that looks.

Feed URL is likely getting redone on my end. Will share when I've got it in place. Stay tuned! 👍

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