I just shipped podcast-index.com.

It's an npm package & free API for getting privacy-related data from podcast hosts that's useful for listeners.

The website demo uses PodcastIndex.org for search, the npm package and APIs don't integrate PodcastIndex.org yet, but I'm planning on adding that soon.

If I'm hosting an API that uses PodcastIndex.org data and is consumed by podcast app devs, should I use my own PodcastIndex API key or have users pass in their own?


Not sure what the best practice is on that, hopefully this is the right place to ask.

Also hello! I make podbay.fm - a modern web-based player. We haven't shipped PodcastIndex integration there yet but are planning to soon.

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@shahruz pretty neat app, nice to meet you, I am the developer of podStation (chrome.google.com/webstore/det) a podcast aggregator disguised as a chrome extension. I am also developing (very slowly) podstation.app

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