Initial <podcast:chapters> integration is now live on!

Here's an example hosted on Buzzsprout:

Adding in transcripts and soundbites support soon.

@adam @dave

I'm taking a look at the Chapters spec and am trying to add support for it in.

Fetching and parsing is no problem, but figuring out the best way to render them this way is tricky if the RSS feed doesn't return a duration as part of each episode. Can't show the positions without knowing an estimation of where to place them.

The NAS RSS doesn't contain durations. Is that by design? If so, I'm curious why, and if there are any suggested workarounds to get the duration without fetching the mp3.

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I'm shipping timestamps support on Podbay later today, it uses some regex analyzers on the episode description, and looks at shared timestamps too.

Looks like this in action:

Not sure what the best practice is on that, hopefully this is the right place to ask.

Also hello! I make - a modern web-based player. We haven't shipped PodcastIndex integration there yet but are planning to soon.

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I just shipped

It's an npm package & free API for getting privacy-related data from podcast hosts that's useful for listeners.

The website demo uses for search, the npm package and APIs don't integrate yet, but I'm planning on adding that soon.

If I'm hosting an API that uses data and is consumed by podcast app devs, should I use my own PodcastIndex API key or have users pass in their own?

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