Hey my apologies guys if I've been AWOL. I was getting in some R&R before I start getting back to coding night and day hehe

@dave, @adam, @codedmonkey I believe there could be a way could use an internal pub/sub MessageQueue (eg RabbitMQ) when the aggregators find new episodes/feeds, they could send a message that would get processed elsewhere.

The code that receives those messages and could iterate through registered WebHooks or use something like SignalR eg (Ratchet socketo.me/) to notify applications using the API - or something like this. I have a BUNCH of ideas lol.

@dave @adam We can also, possibly utilize SwaggerUI in some sort of developer "console" to test the API calls as well as part of the docs. Just another thought.

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@dave, @adam Looking at the headers on the example API queries it looks like it's written in PHP. I would be interested in possibly implementing swagger (zircote.github.io/swagger-php/). This way we can create a number of API client libraries in a number of languages fairly quickly. Swagger is also used for API "discoverability" in microservices, but I see there's value being able to use the generated .json file create API clients in various languages using the generator (github.com/swagger-api/swagger)

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