@dave, @adam Looking at the headers on the example API queries it looks like it's written in PHP. I would be interested in possibly implementing swagger (zircote.github.io/swagger-php/). This way we can create a number of API client libraries in a number of languages fairly quickly. Swagger is also used for API "discoverability" in microservices, but I see there's value being able to use the generated .json file create API clients in various languages using the generator (github.com/swagger-api/swagger)


@dave @adam We can also, possibly utilize SwaggerUI in some sort of developer "console" to test the API calls as well as part of the docs. Just another thought.

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@codedmonkey @dave @adam I'd love too, it looks like it's just the static html output in there right now.

@sircodesalot @dave @adam I don't really see why you'd want to use PHP to generate an OpenAPI specification when it's just a simple JSON file. I don't think Dave's code is prepared for annotations either, just a hunch though hehe.

@codedmonkey @dave @adam It may not be, not sure, I'd love to help with that. I like it because it also allows code documentation as well which is nice depending on the editor/ide you prefer to use. Essentially it will generate the json file from the comments, when we change code, the json output will update at which point when we publish it, we can update the generated API client code as well. There could be some DevOps automation in there that could be the *magic*.

@sircodesalot @dave @adam Yeah, sounds awesome as long as I'm not doing it. It's up to Dave if he's going to publish the backend code, I can understand why he doesn't.

@codedmonkey @dave @adam it could be published to a private repo to collaborate on until it's ready to publish too. You're right though, it's up to Dave and it can take some time to make adjustments to a project for collab.

@sircodesalot @codedmonkey @adam It'll all be published. It can't get better unless it's open. 🙂

I just need time to go through the code to make sure it's documented properly, and make sure there isn't anything sensitive hard coded in there.

@sircodesalot @codedmonkey @dave @adam

Do you know if we can generate Postman collections through comments as well? Also does it make sense to have both Swagger and Postman docs?

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