Hey folks, time to spread the love for podcasting 2.0 by boosting the meeting of the board 94 with @adam and @dave for your professional network.

Here's a ready to go post on LinkedIn for you to link to:

Like and share to work the algo's. If you hear things you like, mention people in the comments to get their attention. BOOST!

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@sirpeet @adam @dave Will do! ;) I will mention Podcasting 2.0, value for value, and new podcasts applications, in three podcasts in the near future, EGO NetCast, Tea Party Media, and PoddRadio Org (in Swedish). I will continue to tweet, share on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. As soon as I get my new laptop, MacBook Air M2, I will start with live-streaming and test the LIT (live ID tag) feature.

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