SLIEK #25: Chapter 8 - Outlasted Motion

“On a cool jeweled moon, ripples scattered across a wave of outlasted motion.”

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SLIEK #25: Chapter 7 - S.O.M.

“Read between the lines, the message is a state of mind.”

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Dive deep and find your inner conspiritual self with us tonight! Here, hold this axe please...and microphone too.

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@sliekpodcast One thing I really like was their leaderboard to show who is contributing the most and creating a title of 'Lizard King' for the leader. A sample size of one but I can say that it incentivised me to boost more than my normal amount just to become king (at least for a period).

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Thanks to Dave's mad skills the latest V4V episode is everywhere so now I can do the official announcement. I recently covered @sliekpodcast and their balls to the wall approach of adopting everything. And second to none in terms of promoting v4v as well!

Trying to make a Fountain clip from the latest Value For Value episode but Fountain thinks freaky is freak gay. 😂

@Meremortals @merryoscar

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