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SLIEK #27: Matt Cartwright

In this episode Brando and Hider introduce Hider’s brother Matt Cartwright to discuss podcasting 2.0, sponsors, value4value, Matt’s upcoming podcast “The AEGIS”, Greek/Norse mythology, space anomalies, and more!

This episode will be available tomorrow in all 2.0 apps.

🎙️ 💰 Here is a short video demonstrating our end-to-end value 4 value integration with Alby (and Fountain): loom.com/share/d7ea8998228948d
To the best of our knowledge, this is the most straightforward implementation to date, which elevates value 4 value from a PoC to a real-world feature and makes it really accessible to end users 🚀
CC @adam @dave @jamescridland @samsethi @merryoscar @getAlby @Ben

What a bunch of heroes. They got a toy gun that shoots water gel beads off the streets to keep everyone safe. :P How low is the crime rate in New York that this is what they're proud to post?

I know some you around these parts are fans of the Intergalactic Boom Box podcast by @kyle so I covered his show on the latest episode. As always I include a split with them (whether they like it or not 😈 ) so any streams/boosts also support Kyle. Podcasting 2.0 is the best!


At Alby, we are strong supporters of the V4V model. We connect consumers and websites, and provide the most convenient building blocks to transfer value over the #LightningNetwork

This article we wrote will help you understand the model #value4value 👇


SLIEK #26: Chapter 14 - Return of The Lizard King

@petar has reclaimed his crown and is the reigning Lizard King once again!

Listen to the full episode & earn sats with Fountain: fountain.fm/episode/8991726839

#Bitcoin is a simple way for Creators to get paid fairly, directly from their fans.

Thats why we build Alby 🔨

We're excited to welcome @Meremortals and our reigning Lizard King @petar to SLIEK FREAK Level 3!

We really appreciate your continued support and the value you have sent us! 🙌

Learn more about SLIEK FREAKS and the ways we give value back to them: sliekfreaks.com

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