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SLIEK #27: Matt Cartwright

In this episode Brando and Hider introduce Hider’s brother Matt Cartwright to discuss podcasting 2.0, sponsors, value4value, Matt’s upcoming podcast “The AEGIS”, Greek/Norse mythology, space anomalies, and more!

This episode will be available tomorrow in all 2.0 apps.

SLIEK #26: Chapter 14 - Return of The Lizard King

@petar has reclaimed his crown and is the reigning Lizard King once again!

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We're excited to welcome @Meremortals and our reigning Lizard King @petar to SLIEK FREAK Level 3!

We really appreciate your continued support and the value you have sent us! 🙌

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SLIEK #26: Chapters 1 & 2 - Intro/Costochondritis

We explain the reasons behind our long delay between episodes including Brando dealing with costochondritis.

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SLIEK #26: Quantum Creations, AI Sentience, Upgrading Consciousness is out now!

Brando and Hider are back with a new episode covering strangeness involving the Shadow Self, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Georgia Guidestones, Quantum Computers, AI Sentience, Upgrading Consciousness, and more!

Podverse: podverse.fm/episode/9bkn4ylHy

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Fountain: fountain.fm/episode/8991726839

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SLIEK #25: Chapter 43 - Freak People Out

Value4Value comes in many forms. You can stream sats, send boostagrams, send USD via PayPal, or Freak People out by telling them about our podcast!

Make sure to mention 2.0 podcast apps like @podverse


SLIEK #25: Chapter 42 - Value4Value

Value4Value doesn’t have to be sent with bitcoin, apps like @podverse use the “Funding Tag” so you can send USD with PayPal to your favorite podcasts.

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Working on the chapter images for SLIEK #26: Quantum Creations, AI Sentience, Upgrading Consciousness with the Podcast Chapters App and Canva.

Images will be complete by tomorrow and then it's time to upload!

If you want to set chapters and create images for your podcast we recommend checking out these apps.

Podcast Chapters: chaptersapp.com/

Canva: canva.com/join/ygr-szc-wwz

We finally recorded our new episode! 🙌

SLIEK #26: Quantum Creations, AI Sentience, Upgrading Consciousness will be available in a couple days, once we have the chapter images done. 🤘

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SLIEK #25: Chapter 28 - Alby Lightning Wallet

You can use your @getAlby lightning wallet for the value tag in a 2.0 RSS feed!

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Fountain offers great features like a social profile, sat streaming, boostagrams, clips, and playlists, but they are taking it to a whole new level with earnings from listening, likes on your boostagrams, and likes on the clips you make!

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