Could the "artwork" field be added to the trending response? I noticed for example if I make the following request, "", the "image" field for "Into Tomorrow With Dave Graveline" has a broken link in it, but when if I fetch the full feed, the artwork field has a working URL.

2. Map common misspellings to the correct spellings ( Also words that have multiple correct spellings (e.g. anyway vs. any way)
3. Improved word stemmer (e.g. "run" and "ran" could return similar results)
4. Contractions (e.g. "can't", "cannot", and "can not" could return similar results)
5. Diacritics insensitivity (accented characters). For example "brene" vs "brené"

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I had a few ideas for modifying the index that could possibly improve search. Is Mastodon the best place to submit feature requests like this or should these be submitted elsewhere?
1. Index domain names. eg. "Accidental Tech Podcast" is often referred to as ATP and the podcast url is If the domain name was indexed, a search for "atp" should bring up this podcast as well.

Curious about how search by term works with accented characters. If I search for 'brené brown' I get her podcasts, but if I search for 'brene brown', only podcasts with her name without the accent come back. Is there a good way to make this more agnostic?

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