Are folks seeing any delays between new episodes being available an anchor RSS feed but not yet showing on the podcasting 2.0 index webpage?

Just listening to Podcasting 2.0 and streaming sats from Sphinx over Starlink satellite. Borderless payments, meet borderless internet.

Let use this link for a quick intro streaming payments. Monday Nov 8 at 18:00 GMT (1pm eastern) password: lightning . If you plan on participating, let me know. We'll do a 15 minute signup demo and then take questions. Hope you can make it.

Hi all, for anyone interested in how podcasting with lightning/bitcoin works, would a webinar be helpful? We could hold one on Monday at 18:00pm GMT and record it. I'll post the link here if there are takers. - Paul

Lots to talk about how lightning can help build out a sustainable and OPEN podcast infrastructure. I just hit the road, but will send some more info later this wknd.

I was listening to @adam 's comments on value flowing through the podcast ecosystem ( ) . Have you guys looked at the bitcoin lightning network? It's decentralized, open source, and uses bitcoin as the store of value. We're building FOSS on it and would be happy to answer any questions or help out.

We created a proof of concept for catching fraudulent feeds. We make an API call to /recents 1x per day, then for each new feed, we call /search. We show up to the top 10 results to a human. If they find a duplicate, we could flag that ID for further review. The human task worker gets a few cents of bitcoin for their time.

to clarify the question, i've seen some show notes where there are links to the time a topic is discussed.

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Can the output for an episode include timestamps so the player can jump to a specific starting point?

Hi everyone. I'm learning more about the tech behind podcasting and looking for ways to decentralize and provide other payment models for content and curation. Noobie question, how would I go about adding this pod to the index:

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