Hi all, for anyone interested in how podcasting with lightning/bitcoin works, would a webinar be helpful? We could hold one on Monday at 18:00pm GMT and record it. I'll post the link here if there are takers. - Paul

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@csb Looking forward meeting you on the call. We use Jitsi which is very similar and runs in the browser for increased privacy (it's also open source!).


jitsi is fine with me too

(myself, although I use Cisco WebEx at day job, I drop by to jitsi channel from time to time : - populated usually by Americans, Canadians and Australians - depending on current time)

@csb we run our own jitsi server and hope the hosting companies will run their own too. Zoom is near the top of my list of tech co's behaving badly.

@sphinx_chat yes, zoom is even forbidden in some corporations, I use Cisco WebEx at day job

But myself and community have many many experiences with jitsi due to virtual meetups so you should get some folks - hopefully your jitsi server will hold. The biggest virtual jitsi meetup had exceeded 33 participants, many of them with video

Once you’ll have URL for the meetup I’ll boost it and I’ll post it on my 3-letter twitter handle too .

@sphinx_chat just short info: I’ll be audio only and not speak much if you are recording because I need to stay under the radar

@sphinx_chat I haven’t heard the episode yet, but I am sure I’d like to join!

@martin Dave and Adam did a very clear job of explaining a bunch of new concepts. I was tired for them at the end of the episode.

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