Let use this link for a quick intro streaming payments. Monday Nov 8 at 18:00 GMT (1pm eastern) password: lightning . If you plan on participating, let me know. We'll do a 15 minute signup demo and then take questions. Hope you can make it.

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@sphinx_chat you want to record everything or only part?

(I don’t want my voice to end up on YouTube)

@csb Good opsec :)
Let's skip recording this, it'll be audio only with a screenshare. I'll upload a tutorial later.

@sphinx_chat thanks for presentation, Paul

it woud be nice to have some UML diagram or something that would cover also these tribes - I don't quite understand the role of tribes...

@csb @sphinx_chat As far as I understood, you shouldn't put too much into the word Tribe - it's simply a term used to describe, in this instance, a podcast.

@csb As I understand it, it's just an "easy" way for you to find a podcast that uses sphinx, and then go to it in the app.

A bit like the search result page on - I think you're just putting way too much into the word "Tribes" - just imagine it says "Podcasts" instead.

@martin ok, thanks for explanations

so I reckon your podfriend app/service will have something like too ?

@csb I don't necessarily think so. I don't think it's necessary.

I think it will just be a normal part of the app - but I will have a "wallet" menu item for people to put some Satoshis in.

Again, this is early days of my comprehension of using this as an app developer, so I hope what I'm saying actually makes sense.

@martin @csb It makes perfect sense. The "tribes" part is just a function of the Sphinx model of doing things. It's not required.

@dave @martin

Dave, thanks for info

I was just surprised that podcast index dot org is NOT hosting tribes and lightning nodes for podcasters

@csb @martin We may one of these days in the future if we see things moving too slowly and it's needed. But, we've always had a mission that we don't want to compete with anyone in the podcast world. We just want to innovate and glue things together. The index will make money by people donating if they think we're doing a good job of giving the world some value.

@csb @dave I have come to respect the division of concerns here.

Podcast Index is... (surprise) A podcast index. It's not an image server, it's not a wallet, it's not a podcast app.

It leaves room to let other people do that stuff. In the start I also wanted it to add many more services, and some might make sense, but I also see a danger in it being too much a "single point of failure", so I've started to appreciate this.

@martin @csb Exactly. Nobody would work with us if we competed with them. And, that would get us nowhere.

@martin @csb Once you get going in it you will be off to the races Martin. This is really fun technology.

@adam @csb I so look forward to implementing it.

I have a lot of ideas for it! Also ideas that I think could be really useful for you. So when that time comes we should have a talk! (It's probably a month or two into the future though. I have quite the todo list!)

@sphinx_chat I think you meant Monday November 9th... we've sailed past the 8th.

@brianoflondon Great catch, lack of sleep on my part. It's today Monday the 9th. Thanks!

@dellagustin Yes, we'll be on today, we can do more if there is interest since this was a last minute thing.

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