@dave that could be stellar -- sgoers@npr.org. thank you! Also ... can you point me to the tl:dr on why podping is preferred to websub? (If you spoke on a recent pod episode on it, I'll certainly listen.) We're implementing websub and diving in more deeply into the notifications/polling space.

@jamescridland @dave I am definitely late to the conversation, but this issue came up for us recently at NPR re: NPR One: If I am a publisher and I use "itunes block," am I intending that it be blocked for ALL app clients? My inclination is yes, but looking at it as a client, it still carries the itunes-specific-namespace.

@mitch Can I just request ... not Trello? I realize it's beloved by so many, but I have seen so many Trello boards neglected and never accessed by teams.

@adam ha! hope to work on it. NPR is rebuilding some of our CMS APIs and podcasts are part of it. V1 is just to be operational. V2 will likely be space for things like this. Doing what i can. :)

@dave Sorry for my delay -- don't check this feed as often as I should. They should NOT distribute ATC or Morning Edition. So yes, remove. (If you have a list, happy to look at that too.) I spend time whack-a-moling this oftentimes, and usually stations don't realize they are generating these feeds.

@brianoflondon it totally makes sense for us to reserve the person tag for this use in the future, that really helps.

This is podcast index adjacent -- but I think this group can help me here. How are both publishers and apps using <author> at the episode level? We're reworking some RSS-generating code at NPR and I'm wondering if plugging "NPR" into all of those episodes is worth it, or if I should think about using the name of the podcast. Our shows are usually made by a zillion ppl, so listing names isn't great either. Or do we just exclude it? Want to also have an eye to podcast index here and not box us in.

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