I've updated the API docs to use the openapi syntax and the RapiDoc UI.

See PR github.com/Podcastindex-org/do for the changes.

A live version of how the docs can will look after the PR is accepted can be seen at stevencrader.github.io/docs-ap



@dave has merged the PR. The new site is accessible at the existing doc URL now.


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@steven @dave Not sure if it's habit, but my first impression is that I find the new API docs much harder to easily read than the old ones.

@martin @steven I felt that way too when he first showed it to me this week. But my eyes have already adapted to it mostly. I think it may be a contrast thing with the color pallet?

@dave @martin @steven yeah, that red on warm gray is not very easy on the eyes 🙈

@martin @dave There are some configuration options built in to RapiDoc.

There may be some changes to make or styles to edit to make it easier to read.

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