For example, when I get to this page I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this code (assuming I've signed up for one of these services). Add it to my hosting somehow? If so, does it have to be one on the list? Add it to my Powerpress settings? If so, where? Sorry to be dim but if you want a greater takeup / use you'll need to make it 'idiotproof' LOL @adam @steven 2/2


@NicolaCairnX @adam
From an earlier post, it looks like you are using libsyn and/or powerpress.

Does libsyn support adding a block of custom XML? If not, you can tell the index your node information by clicking the lightning bolt on your podcast's page on

For powerpress, there is a secondary plugin you can install that implements more P2.0 features than plain powerpress. See

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