Taking inspiration from the Podcast Index project, I'm currently building a "thing" that will allow people to be discoverable whatever publishing/social media system that they prefer to use, and then if (or when!) they get de-platformed, they can take their "followers" with them to another platform.

Any platform that emits RSS can take part, and any RSS reader/viewer could interact with it.

Complete V4V and opensource model, with anonymity from day one.

More in the next few days...


That took a bit longer than planned due to the day job, but the first version is now up: feeddirectory.org

Spent most of today doing "hot namespace talk" writing the API specs.

Now seeking some early adopters that want to integrate this into their podcast player / RSS reader apps - I'll do the backend so you don't have to. 😉

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@stu Oh, I'll be happy to play in your sandbox. 🙂

@dave Thanks Dave. I think it complements podcastindex.org quite well and really look forward to solutions that integrate both of them.

@stu "We do use a Google hosted font on this webpage, but that's about the end of our involvement with them." - you'll be wanting google-webfonts-helper.herokua

@stu I've read through the website, and I don't understand what it's for. I'm sure it's totally crystal-clear to you - but how might I use it as a podcast publisher, or as a podcast app? Those are the first questions you need in your FAQ.

@jamescridland I was wondering about that myself. I'll try to work on something that explains what it is more succinctly than is currently there.

As I'm sure you'll recognise, if you've had your head buried inside something for so long, it's hard to look at it from the outside.

@stu Yeah, indeed. Always useful to consider how to explain it to your mum. What is it? What can you use it for. :)

@jamescridland I think I'd first have to explain the concept of the internet, blogs, podcasts, etc. to her - she doesn't really do anything invented after 1970. 😲

I've had another stab at a "What is this damn thing?" - probably still needs some refining. feeddirectory.org/#faq

Thanks for your feedback though - really appreciated. 😀

@stu Nice.

Thought - why wouldn't you use it to also store read/listened-to GUIDs. So I can shift from Pocket Casts to Podfriend, and it would know which podcasts I've listened to?

@jamescridland Excellent idea. Seems very logical. I like the way Overcast does this between my iPhone and iPad... it's not always perfect, but very handy when it works.

Would a simple integer value (e.g. number of seconds) be adequate? I'm thinking that should also be applicable to long-form written word - if it's an integer then it could refer to paragraph progress instead of time. 🤔

@jamescridland new APIs added to Set and Get position information for "episodes" in an RSS feed. 😀


This should allow the syncing of playback location between all apps regardless of platform.

Can you think of anything else that would be really useful for any podcast player that would otherwise have to be written by the app developer?

@stu That's nice! You might want a flag for 'played' as well.

@jamescridland all sorted. A "completed" flag is now part of the Episode/Position/Set API. 😀

Hi @stu, cool project, I'm considering integrating the subscription and position APIs in @podstation
Feedback/Question on the API design - any reason for using GET HTTP Method for create/update requests, instead using POST/PUT?
Its a general understanding that requests with GET method are not supposed to change the state of a system.

@dellagustin @podstation Hi, the API supports both POST and GET, but fully understand your reasoning. I only really supported GET to assist in my debugging using a browser. Very lazy I know, and technically the wrong thing to do, but it made things simpler at the time.

Would really appreciate your feedback on the integration with @podstation - as you may see, I'm currently working on a small proof-of-concept app using the feeddirectory.org APIs - just to make sure everything's working.

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