I'm pretty sure that @darrenoneill cannot prove that I'm responsible for haunting his kitchen sink despite his unsubstantiated claims! 🤨

@sizzletron@noagendasocial.com In my (somewhat limited) experience, most things that are labelled as "AI" inherit biases from the people who chose the training data for the system.

I suspect an AI algo would be able to determine the "gender" if it had access to the social media firehose of sewerage from the subjects under examination.

Whether the AI would care about gender, depends on what it was trained to discover. Assuming that an algorithm can care at all.

@Mummabear So there's 2 possible attendees for an Essex NA meet-up at some point. 😮

@Therealdcgirl Libreoffice works fine on the Mac - I’ve been using it for years with very few issues.

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