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Scalable, Resilient Brainf∗ck as a service

(submitted by stevekemp)

I reverse engineered the Raspberry Pi hardware [video]

(submitted by alehyze)

NOBODY expects No Agenda! Our chief weapon is podcasting . . . podcasting and PBR; our two weapons are podcasting and PBR . . . and Costco wine . . . our three weapons are podcasting, PBR, Costco wine, and near fanatical devotion to John C Dvorak . . . and schwag . . .

I'm beta testing the breeze app. They are doing something interesting

Incognito Mode for podcast apps - a proposal. It's not related to the Podcast Namespace, nor to the Podcast Index; but I think it might have some merit - and I'd be happy for the idea to be taken forward by those here...

WTF.... Has anyone seen this??? Watch biden's hand BLATANTLY clip over top of the microphone... It's a green screen!

I can't image what Amazon thinks I'm going to do with that lot.

A soundproof room that needs lots of cleaning? 🤨

...or as a friend has just commented: "are you becoming a very dodgy podcaster?" 😲

30 hours in and almost half way... I haven't waited this long for something since before Amazon existed! 😮

OPML Import and Export now available through the API - hopefully, along with the new Batch API, this will make on-boarding / off-boarding easier.


Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (Live Acappella) (BBC TV 1994)

Suzanne Vega introduces and sings 'Tom's Diner' for the BBC TV series 'Words and Music' in 1994.(VHS transfer)

Here's my summary of today's news:

Apple disappoints with new Beta. Ignores 12% of all podcasts with enhanced features over circling back to 2008 when Odeo coined +Follow before the platform pivoted to become twitter.

About to build the OPML import into Can anybody share with me some OPML that’s emitted from podcast or RSS viewer apps other than Overcast (I have that) so I can do some testing?

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