I’m definitely having some (fresh) worries about developing a podcast app on Apples platform right now. I think open podcasts are safe until this page disappears from Overcast. Then it will be time to do something new.

@hypercatcher I think that’s a completely fair worry under the current environment.

@phoneboy @hypercatcher I think something is not truly a podcast app if it doesn't allow manual subscriptions.

@theDanielJLewis @phoneboy @hypercatcher Hmm if that's the general opinion, maybe I need to reconsider my potentially upcoming apps name. Maybe "Not a podcast app" would be better name since I'm not looking forward to parsing xml and was going to rely completely on the Podcast index for the data 🤔

@419monk @phoneboy @hypercatcher Uh ... yeah. You should reconsider. A podcast app needs to parse RSS.

Were you, by chance, using Podcast Index's JSON?


@419monk @phoneboy @hypercatcher After all, if a podcast app won't let you manually subscribe to any podcast you want, then it's still subject to _someone's_ moderation and censorship.

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@theDanielJLewis @419monk @phoneboy @hypercatcher Yes, and while some people may want filtered communities there needs to be an uncensored source of information to access any podcast that is out there, hence the index.

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