What’s the preferred way of authenticating in the podcast world? A new account+password for every service or “Sign In with X” shenanigans?

At this point I’m so fed up with password managers I want to take a stab at creating passwords 2.0 (nobody ever tried that before).

@codedmonkey I hate "sign in with X" because it puts my security eggs in one basket.

With how popular discrimination is these days, I wonder if signing in with Facebook would work if Facebook discriminates against you.

Also, I don't want businesses having potential access to what I have in Facebook, even if it's simply my other email addresses.

So I use LastPass to generate and manage a unique password for every login.

@theDanielJLewis @codedmonkey
Hey that would be great. If all my logins were by facebook, and they would lock me out of fb then I'd be locked out from every service.
Never really thought of that 🤔
What about lastpass or gmail? Could they deplatform you or me?
Suddenly I'm pretty happy I went with XKeepass. Though the secrets are synced through Google drive so not totally sure either, but at least I have a copy on my phone and computer 😅


@419monk @codedmonkey I guess LastPass _could_ kick me out, but I can't see what justification they would have for such if it's only a political/moral discrimination.

But even if they did, my passwords are stored and encrypted locally, so I don't need access to the LastPass server in order to access my passwords. But I don't know whether I can export while offline.

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@theDanielJLewis @419monk I agree with those points but I haven’t found a password manager I can comfortably recommend to non-tech savvy users.

Plus existing password managers are silos that don’t communicate with the websites they are used on so they just guess which are the right inputs. An open standard could solve this problem.

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