@theDanielJLewis is this under social and donations module? If so I can't find support for anything like lightning or patreon, are they adhering to the podcast 2.0 namespace or is it something else? Do you know?

@davekeeshan @theDanielJLewis Interesting. I wasn’t aware that they had implemented anything yet. This is really cool.

@theDanielJLewis @davekeeshan Thanks for doing that. Their presence here would be most welcome.

@theDanielJLewis @dave @davekeeshan They're working with Discord, Slack and a Discourse forum (and GitHub for technical stuff). I'm loosely associated but not a dev. I'll try to get some devs over here.

@dave @joey @theDanielJLewis @davekeeshan I'll hang around here and will share my experience implementing the specs.

@ericteubert @dave @joey @theDanielJLewis

I know the value tag isn't even specified yet, but you'd get a lot of fans if you could deploy a more official beta module than my effort (also includes the funding and locked tags)


I'm python, not php

Also it would be nice if modules were somehow importable and could survive a plugin update

@davekeeshan Ah nice module, I'll definitely have a closer look at this when implementing the tags myself.

The "proper" way for you to build this so it survives plugin updates is to write a standalone WordPress plugin that hooks into the Publisher.

@ericteubert that seemed like a lot of work for a basic hack, which is all I was able to cobble together at the time.

Is there a template for how one might do that? Every time is search for templates I get something else entirely (page formatting templates)

@davekeeshan Here are the plugin basics: developer.wordpress.org/plugin

But I don't think I have a guide on how to build publisher modules in an external plugin. I'm sure it's possible using hooks but I wouldn't know myself from the top of my hat.

Just give me some time and you hack might not be necessary any more ;)

@ericteubert fair enough, I would like to enable some of this stuff myself, but am a little time poor at the moment.

My feeling is that there are some beta ideas that could use an initial working platform to work out some concepts, like per episode value tag which is still working itself out.

@davekeeshan It's in Podlove → Podcast Settings → Directory. The existing donations module is focusing on a representation on a podcaster's website, not in the feed. In the light of the new funding tag this might be confusing.

@joey got it. Thanks, so that is just the funding tag and not the value tag.

Has the locked tag been implemented yet? I can't find it and it seems like low hanging fruit.

Also I didn't realise the conversation had moved to Discord. I raised a topic about podcast 2.0 on the podlove forum and it went very quiet.

@davekeeshan No locked tag yet. No value tag yet (don't expect to see that one soon).
Discord and Slack are more like internal communication tools.
Agreed, the conversation around the Podcastindex is quiet. But the devs and I are following the development (mainly GitHub).

@davekeeshan @joey Hey there. Just the funding tag so far. I only sneeked it into a release to have _something_ out there. More to follow.

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