@tomrossi7 Are you guys going to tweet this? I'll RT when you do.

@dave @tomrossi7 I will later today, but I can never find your Twitter handle. What do you go by over there?

@dave @tomrossi7 Ahh. I got that one. I just didn’t know if you had a personal one as well. 👍🏼

@dave @tomrossi7

Dave, can you kick the index and re-index that podcast, so we get the chapter art returned by the API in time for the tweet? :)

( At least I can't see the chapter art currently at web.podfriend.com/podcast/be-l )

@martin @tomrossi7 The only episode I see the chapters in is the latest one titled "full download"

@dave @martin looks like they uploaded the same image over and over again. May need some user education 🤣

@tomrossi7 @martin I thought that too, but it's actually identical except for the "chapter" wording. Took me about a minute for my eyes to see it. lol.

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