PI is arming the rebels (players/hosts) with an open standard (RSS Namespace) that that will hold off any goliath (Apple, Spotify).

@tomrossi7 Agree 100%. And, when we head into alternateEnclosure, chat, etc, things are going to get so interesting. Podcast apps can become decentralized YouTube/SoundCloud so easily.

@dave I think we should reframe the conversation to always go back to "how will this enhance the podcasting experience?" or something like that.

@dave how will alternate enclosures enhance podcasting? Saving bandwidth in Africa? I'm not interested.


@dave transcripts, person tag, enhanced chapters have all made the experience better. I think features like that have to dominate our focus while we are still trying get some healthy rebels!

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@tomrossi7 In my head, I can see the user experience vision of alternate enclosure sources clearly in my head. So, it's on me to clearly articulate and show that vision in a way that convinces others. I don't mind that challenge. It's good for the whole community to see that take place in the open, even if it ultimately doesn't pan out. I'll give it my best shot.

I don't mind sleeping in a Tauntaun every now and then. 😂

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