@dave Any idea if the index (or other clients) will go insane if we update the guid's for each item in our feed?

We're using feedburner and apparently they use guid as the content for the item link even though we have populated link correctly in our source feed.

@brianoflondon I'm interested in publishing our podcast through podping. How do I get started? FYI I'm a developer and our podcast is self published. We already have some automation in place so it should be simple enough to add a request to podping when a new episode gets released.

Proud to announce our podcast has added the Podcasting 2.0 namespace! Implemented podcast:funding and podcast:location so far! Thanks @adam and @dave! podcastindex.org/podcast/63671

@dave I'm curious about the Podcast index search algorithm. Out show is no longer part of the results when searching "Star Trek" even though this term is part of the show title. Any advice?

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@trektv @dave Woah. I like that! There is a tag for it, but don't think it has been locked down yet.

Spiffy idea though, for real.

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@tomrossi7 @jamescridland

We now have podcast profile pages:


Thank you for this @steven !! It looks seamless. Now I'm in debt to two people instead of just @drunkplato . 😂

I am going to work my way through your code and see how this all works. I know the basics of node.js/express routing and such. It's just the React stuff that's new to me.

@dave @adam Does the API support geospatial location search? It would be interesting to pass on a GPS co-ordinate or bounding box to the API and retrieve the feeds which support the location tag and are nearby the co-ordinate or within the spatial bounding box geometry. Could create map applications.

@dave Just a head's up the podcast index rss feed is throwing an error in chrome. Looks like a blank line has crept into the start of the xml file.

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