Follow is pretty near feature complete. Have bookmarks, multiple linked devices, search, podcast->episode viewing.

Can still only walk ~150 episodes deep when viewing new episodes. Not seeing categories tagged on episodes, and still can't find an episode with any sort of search. (When viewing a podcast, will see categories, though.)

All the code on my side is pretty much ready, just need @dave to switch on some of these.


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@vandys I fried some big fish this weekend, so I'm back working on you now Andy. Sorry for the delay. I put off websub for too long and just had to stop and finish it.

This new call for recent episodes is virtually done. I just have to solve this slowness issue with the indexes when the category filter is applied.

@dave FWIW, I at least initially will pull all, then filter on the client. This lets them interactively flick categories off and on to see what's there. I'm still pondering when to filter out in the query to make them not even exist. Goes all the way back to a question of UX...

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