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Hi, sorry I missed this thread. Yes, the direction of web is pretty hostile to what we're trying to do. If you're an SSL site, non-SSL podcast streams will play on fewer and fewer browsers. Paired with this, CORS issues are spreading to more web API's over time.

If hosting costs aren't an issue, the obvious way to fix this is to proxy through your own web server. The real problem is a lack of a web API security model.

@martin @adam Interesting. It's been a field for years now, and just went missing as of this show. I can publish the derived torrent no problem, but thought I should mention it as something new in the feed.

@vandys @adam Hmmm, the rssBuilder should preserve length if imported (but it can't calculate it itself if it's not present, at least not yet).

Hey @adam I notice this show there's no @length entry in your enclosure any more? Is this fallout from the use of @martin 's tools?

@dave Do you have a pointer to a spec for podcast:soundbite? I need to look at that. Thanks!

So how come about 90% of web pages are more enjoyable to read in the textual browser links2?

@adam @martin @hypercatcher @dave Although your pie chart in Podcasting 2.0 episode 8 was a perfect example of how powerful this will actually be!

Ok, podbrowser.org's showing chapter labels (and images, if set). I give the image a small screen space, but you can click on it to expand it into its own tab.

@martin you are doing God's work to give podcasters tools to add this data to their episodes!

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If somebody can supply an episode ID which has actual chapters (preferably even w. images), I'm ready to add support to podbrowser and test against it.

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Yup, this recommendation exactly matches my own experiences! 👍

Ok, podbrowser.org has seek buttons (forward/back 10s/1m/10m) plus playback speed.

I must say, the playback speed feature was shockingly easy to add; the browser audio element does all the work.

When I add chapter support, is there some podcast out there which is clearly the one I should test against first?

@dave You mean corporate accomodation by github? Tons of articles, for instance:


@drunkplato That's not the tricky and insidious part of Github. It's that you depend on PR's, and issue tracking, and team discussion, and .... None of it open source, or easily rehosted.

Are we sure we want to build our dev around Github? Microsoft just demonstrated that they will knock down a project with very low friction, at the behest of a fellow megacorp.

We _will_, at some point, be choosing free speech over corporate censorship.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

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In these situations I often just accumulate into a file (structured as JSON, CSV, etc.) and drop off a file once per hour. Files absorb bursts better than almost anything else, and it lets the recipient process at a pace suitable to its current load.

@theDanielJLewis @dave

If you two can link up in real time, you can dump/restore from a stream (I suggest mbuffer) and avoid the intermediate file storage:


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