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'Cricket', 'Culture', 'Daily', 'Design', 'Documentary', 'Drama', 'Earth', 'Education', 'Entertainment', 'Entrepreneurship', 'Family', 'Fantasy', 'Fashion', 'Fiction', 'Film', 'Fitness', 'Food', 'Football', 'Games', 'Garden', 'Golf', 'Government', 'Health', 'Hinduism', 'History', 'Hobbies', 'Hockey', 'Home', 'How-To', 'Improv', 'Interviews', 'Investing', 'Islam', 'Journals', 'Judaism', 'Kids',

Here's the working list of categories for podcasts:

['After-Shows', 'Alternative', 'Animals', 'Animation', 'Arts', 'Astronomy', 'Automotive', 'Aviation', 'Baseball', 'Basketball', 'Beauty', 'Books', 'Buddhism', 'Business', 'Careers', 'Chemistry', 'Christianity', 'Comedy', 'Commentary', 'Courses', 'Crafts',

For people doing deeper diving, I'm wondering what order the search/byterm. Really, for people to do more than skim the latest podcasts, we to always search back in time, from a given time start, or from a given episode ID. And possibly filter by keyword.

Together, that enables things like looking for crypto podcasts from 2018.

Also, if I use before=, it finds the next newest entries correctly, but it delivers them in ascending order, unlike when you don't specify this filter. I think it's more correct to always deliver newest first, like recent/episodes does without the before filter.

Thanks! --Andy

Hi @dave working w. the recent podcast search, two things--one a request, another maybe a bug report.

I think I screwed up in first choosing the before= keywords. It would fit w. the semantics to use after=. The URL and its args is saying what you want, not what you're continuing from. So asking for a rename of the URL arg keyword.

Ok, categories are brought up on

I don't actually plan to handle language this way, but for now language are the only attrs available to exercise the picker. I'm now finishing up the work to keep prefs, and make them available across devices.

After that, text filtering will be my next UI element to bring up.

is the current source. The cgi/ has my Python wrapper for the recent podcast API usage.

Oh yes, text filtering of some sort when you have something specific in mind.

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Ok, I've sketched out some browsing UI at

TBD is selecting keywords (including language), defense against non-audio "podcast", I think I'll fiddle the podcast list scrolling a bit. But I can confirm the podcastindex API's are solidly in the right direction.

Thanks to Dave for some amazing support!

More to come.

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