This represents ~1% of the total flow of Value 4 Value Streaming Payments to Podcasters #podcasting2.0

@martin @adam
Pretty steep πŸ“ˆ after 4/2. When did you @martin release the v4v version of Podfriend? πŸ˜„

@ville @adam That would be that day, and I am super proud how many people decided to try Podfriend (let's see if they stick around!)

I was certainly pretty priviliged by all the attention it got - But I think all Podcasting 2.0 apps probably saw an increase around then, since there was a lot of chatter in general around value4value and the namespace! :)


@martin @adam
Well done dude! You just single handedly 10x'd the value flow 😎 πŸŽ‰

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