I have added initial support for location tags in my RSS feed. There are only 4 tags, as not every episode is about a location.


@davekeeshan Nice! I'm way behind on getting location support into the index aggregator. This is a good kick in the pants for me to do that.

@dave Sorry, I am not looking to make work for anyone, but I am super keen to see this tag get supported. So a journey of a thousand steps yada, yada, yada πŸ˜‰

@dave While you're at it, put in support for person tag also 😁. Or is it there already πŸ€”



@dave @davekeeshan Oh cool πŸ‘. I think that is missing from the docs. Or I might also be blind πŸ™ˆ . Is it supported on channel level also?

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@dave @davekeeshan
So am I right if I claim that the index only supports person-tags in items/episodes and not in the channel/podcast? Or am I missing something again? πŸ˜…
For example PodNews has channel person, but I don't see one in the api:
(Disclaimer: not trying to bug you. Just figuring out what's available πŸ˜‡ )

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