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I've updated the filters to be more intuitive per Franco's suggestion. The PR is ready to be reviewed and merged.

Dreb, the sharable filtered links you requested is going to take longer, primarily because I don't know Typescript, and will have to learn it in order to do what I want to do. So far, my experience with TypeScript has been a negative one because anything I try to do that is normal JavaScript throws a TypeScript error. I don't like TypeScript.


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Just out of interest, what kind of errors are you getting?

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I'm trying to access the params from a query string and split it at the commas, but I'm getting an error telling me split isn't allowed on that type because I apparantly haven't defined the type from the params.

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Yeah, I can see it being frustrating in the beginning, but what if you think it like this:
1) of you know the type it's pretty easy to just annotate it
2) of you don't know the type, you might be in trouble because it might be some type that doesn't split
Of course there are lots of situations where it's way more complicated than that (especially with some react stuff) but then you always have the lazy mans out: "any" type.

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