Another of our podcasts published at Radio Decidim at

First podcast published on Ràdio Fabra published at

Primer podcast de Ràdio Escola en Residència, un projecte de veïnatge entre l’Institut Miquel Tarradell i el CCCB al barri del Raval de Barcelona:

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The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Podcasting, The Fediverse, and Everything…
🎉 Castopod alpha-4️⃣2️⃣ is out!🚀

It brings social networking to podcasts, and podcasting into social networks!
The podcasting universe has finally merged with the #Fediverse. 😌

We are going to submit all our podcasts from to @podcastindex

PodcastIndex Social

Intended for all stake holders of podcasting who are interested in improving the eco system