Have folks been having problems boosting with Castamatic? Have been hearing this from listeners

"That whole soliciting donations never sits right with me..."

lol okay, I'm in the NA cult and PodcastIndex cult according to Peter McCormack.

U ever heard of the btc cult bro


Hey fam — the Canadian province of Québec's top-rated morning show radio host is moving to podcasting full-time and I'm trying to get him to embrace Podcasting 2.0 and VFV instead of advertising. If y'all are on the birdsite, can you give a like of support?

BTW, they ended his contract because of his fights against cancel mobs and political correctness. The free speech angle of PI is perfect.


Sir @dave — Stephan Livera (Bitcoin podcaster and MD at Swan who’s also here) said he needed to reset his password for his podcaster wallet to get BACK on V4V. Also told him about the Helipad app on Umbrel.

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Great panel moderated by @maxhillebrand at LibertyCon here in Prague on “opting out” of the system. Plenty of Bitcoiners in attendance and trying to “podcast 2.0” pill as many folks as possible (I’d estimate at least 35 podcasters here too) — For the movement!

oh boy, what does @sobr have in store for us freedom controller users?

re: Helipad, is it possible to use on a VPS node? I have a BTCPay Server spun up on Lunanode and I installed Helipad, but I have no idea how to view the HTML page with the boosts coming in...

it seems my only other option would be a small split to the satoshi stream bot

Will there ever be a way to track which nodes are sending streaming payments?

I've got 4 podcasts hooked up to my node, but I have no idea which podcasts are receiving the sats nor where they're coming from

Okay, it seems the new Tailscale app allows you to bypass all of this by giving you your own private IP. Not bad.

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Tor Browser is updated and I've tried on multiple machines.

Not sure if this has something to do with the latest update, but that seems to be the culprit from the Umbrel community pages.

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Specific Umbrel Q.

Does anyone else have this error if they're trying to reach their onionsite apps on TOR? (helipad, bluewallet, mempool, etc.)

I could tell from my node that I received some V4V via Helipad, but I couldn't load it or any other app while I was away from my home network on vacation.

For any German speakers out there, my good friend Nikolaus — longtime Austrian journalist and financial columnist — launches his V4V Bitcoin podcast today: „Was Bitcoin Bringt“ (What Bitcoin Brings)


@StevenB not sure if others are getting this, but I'm getting an "invalid certificate" notice on both Brave and Firefox for curiocaster.com

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