et c'est live ! Notre nouveau podcast francophone par deux non-français, avec les chapitres et boostagrams !

Les Malentendus

Picking up a BTC miner this weekend and will be giving a bit of a "test" all next week. Luckily, I have office space where I don't pay electricity (for now) so it's all gainz

I'm actively seeing a move away from Brave back to Firefox among my internet paranoid friends. is this a trend?

🎉 Just released our 100th episode of Consumer Choice Radio!

We highlight our favorite interviews/guests, then hit our two favorite topics: Beer and Bitcoin

-How firms like
River are accelerating BTC adoption (w/ Alexandra Gaiser of River Financial)

-Non-alcoholic beer in Canada is subject to a punitive excise tax + how breweries are faring in the pandemic (w/ Jeff Popiel of Village Brewery in Calgary, Alberta)

Are there any francophones here? My colleague and I are publishing our french-language pod coming soon! enabled from the start

Does anybody here need some inbound liquidity on their ⚡ NODE? Need to start balancing more of my channels.

As someone who has dedicated over a decade to putting Hayek/Mises/Rothbard/Menger into practice by journalism, entrepreneurship, and teaching (hell I even moved to Austria) that’s fascinating.

It also proves the usefulness of praxeology above most other disciplines

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More people will learn about the Austrian School of Economics through Bitcoin than any political movement, popular book, or economics class.

Satoshi will end up being the most successful example of Hayek’s theory of social change. And we don’t even know who this dude is

I was so excited to see “chapters” on OmnyStudio. Spent a good amount of time doing them and it was going to be great because we interviewed Congressmam Larry Bucshon of Indiana on some stellar topics for our podcast…

But these aren’t Chapters for the namespace or Podcasting 2.0, only for Omny’s web player!

Then I was terribly disappointed. 

I want to make a hosting change, but want all the features

How does one access the CuioCaster RSS Generator? Is that on GitHub?

If any of you are into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation, I have a column up today in the European Conservative magazine.

No mention of Podcasting 2.0 yet, but it's coming!

not to mention you can only use your phone microphone (or headset) so basically you're just listening to conference calls all day

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I mean Sacks is a billionaire so he can afford to pay Greenwald or these other people 10K a month of whatever it is, but I'm not sure how much this will catch on if people have to be a slave to the app

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