@WClayFerguson@fosstodon.org @agates @benjaminbellamy @martin @dave @adam @bjoreman @theDanielJLewis @brianoflondon @jamescridland You are right. Having seen that the common object is the Note accross platforms, it was the only way for followers to see a new episode on their feed.
I imagine the proposal would allow for interacting with a Podcast without breaking compatibility. Podcast hosts implementing AP would have to make sure to send a Note to their followers alongside the PodcastEpisode for example.

@yassinedoghri @WClayFerguson@fosstodon.org @benjaminbellamy
Is there a way to determine the follower type and determine what type of object to send them based on that?


@agates @WClayFerguson@fosstodon.org @benjaminbellamy The follower is an Actor, and its type is determined by the "type" property. It can be a Person, an Application, a Group, an Organization or a Service. w3.org/TR/activitystreams-voca

(Mastodon doesn't recognize any other type for now)

So, just throwing ideas here: for podcasting, we could use a new "type" (say PodcastListener for example) or add a new boolean property to the Actor of type "Person" to determine that (probably best).

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@agates @WClayFerguson@fosstodon.org @benjaminbellamy In the context of AP for podcasts, there are two Actors that communicate with each other: the podcast show and the listener.

The podcast would be of a "Service"(? not really adequate IMO) type and the listener a Person.

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