Show time! Episode 61 馃帣馃嵒馃帀 Comments thread.


Aww, Dave must be sick. Normallly he has a bag of food; today he has a box of tissues.

@dave This post is the root for the social tag in Episode 61

@dave @adam Now fix the AP cors issue! 馃槑

@js @adam Ooh, I'm not sure if that's something we control. I wonder if the hosting platform would have to do that.

@dave @adam Even the one for If it's buried in your mastodon's settings - it would be good for ppl to know for their own instances.

@js @dave @adam

Could be a great opportunity to leave though, given their political bigotry.

@SirSpencer @agates @dave @adam

Political issues aside, Pleroma appears to have the same CORS issue for their AP endpoints. Also worse than Mastodon as they don't seem to expose public replies properly. Will have to dig into it and see if there is a workaround.

Anyway the CORS issue is not a dealbreaker, just means that web apps need to do a bit more work to find/make a backend or service that makes the AP calls for them.

@martin Yes! Thanks for pioneering this with some app code to get the ball rolling Martin. 馃槈

@dave @martin So can these already be seem on Podfriend or some other app? Or is that still around the corner?

@ville @dave I think I only need small changes to DISPLAY the comments (posting comments is a bit further in the future). Let me see if I can fix it, I have an hour or so before dinner 馃槀

@dave Oh cool, let me get in on this hot commenting action! 馃槝

@Drebscott @dave have I managed to reply via 3 redirects and a browser on my phone? Yeah!

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