Show time!! Episode 62 馃帀馃帀馃嵒馃帣

Comment thread.

@dave @adam hehe the "host ranking by episode share" list is grep-free鈩笍

So if I heard you right on the show, you're interested in how it would look if we only included episodes from podcasts that are older (based on date of oldest episode) than some threshold age?

I could give this a shot: at what age does a podcast deserve to sit at the adult table?

@js @adam That鈥檚 what I was thinking. Maybe a stat column showing new episodes from only those podcasts that had already existed before the the period started. That would exclude new signups which skew the data toward the free hosting plans.

@dave @adam So what's the cutoff number, a podcast is a respectable podcast after 30 days? I'll try to run an alt analysis next month with that limited universe in addition to the full universe.

Not a new feed with one new episode in a month. At least a second episode

@js @adam Not sure. Kind of just winging it. Open to any ideas really.

@dave This was the tweet from Fountain that @adam mentioned on the show. A couple of my selections below reveal why I might have got the misplaced attribution 馃槀.

@dave testing social new tag from latest build of Podcast Addict

@podcastaddict Awesome! What can we do to help? Just roll out on more episodes?

@dave this will be as soon as Google stops rejecting my builds... They have been doing so for the past 2 weeks now

@dave but I tested on a couple of feeds and this seems to work. I'll adapt it if the specs evolve

@podcastaddict Amazing. 馃槏 Just reading for now? Or, are you allowing posting to the referenced thread as well?

@dave by opening the provided link you can sign up from the wep page or app that opens and comment from there. There's no signing in 3rd party apps within podcast addict. Once signed up the 1st time you can keep commenting new episodes from the Webview without authenticating again

@podcastaddict That's incredible. Man, I can't wait to try this. Do you know what the hold up is with app review? Is it just you they are targeting or is it widespread?

@dave they changed some policies to force apps to used some specific Android apis. I try to apply for an exemption and since they refused they are rejecting new builds for some random reasons which don't apply to the app... I'll have to try to find someone who work there so a human can take a look

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