Show time! 馃帀馃嵒馃帣 Episode 64 - Comment thread.

@dave Woohooo! Just what I need.
Girlfriend's got Covid, and I'm sick too (so far the tests says negative to Covid) in my own isolated part of the house - I need entertainment!

@martin Ugh. That sucks Martin. Hopefully it'll be very mild for you and her. Friend of mine just had it and it was like 2 days of fever and fatigue and then he was fine.

@dave @martin

Yez , Martin, best wishes to your Polish wifey too: tell her 鈥渟zybkiego powrotu do zdrowia!鈥 from Polish user of your appy app Podfriend (me).

@dave The disruption of the music industry with P2.0 and V4V is fascinating. I'm betting on the new and cool system!

@dave Nice setup :-) Am I doing this right? I found it in Podfriend 馃槃

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