Show time! 馃帣馃帀馃槑馃嵒 Episode 65 comments thread.


Useless factoid: is at 998 users.


@dave mid so boost sent. These pews should be audible during the show 馃槀

@dave @brianoflondon We'll need a threshold filter by amount to limit the pews.

@adam @dave the full story on the Comedy takedown on Spotify is on Podland with interview of the guy who has snagged the representation of comedy rights.

You might find he has an open mind to value 4 value.

@brianoflondon @dave I heard the interview. No fucking way v4v will work for them. Once you give your rights to a PRO, there's no going back.

@adam @dave I'm wondering whether the pro in the middle might be open minded enough to learn about v4v now. Agreed it's not going to work for the big names right now.

Just yesterday someone showed me a TicToc of someone lip syncing an old Joan Rivers routine. Immediately made me think who was collecting on the back end for that use. Should be her estate.

@brianoflondon @dave The whole point of V4V is to remove the middlemen. No PRO will do this.

Give up on these pipe dreams.

@Miyagiyoda @brianoflondon @dave For the same reasoning don't collect baseball cards, comic books or my little pony stuff.

@adam @dave I wrote my C++ PhD in Lemacs 20+ years ago 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

@dave @ablekirby not sure if this is clear to everyone yet, but *only the top-level replies* will appear in Podverse's Comments section currently. To see replies to replies you have to click a comment to open its official source.

There are complicated ActivityPub related reasons for this...and we'll need help and guidance from the community if people want full comments support with replies, likes, retweets, etc.

@mitch @ablekirby Do we need to build a library for it, to hide the messy parts?

@dave @ablekirby 1000% yes. Adding read-only AP comments is waaay more complex than I thought it would be...

@dave I always imagine you busting into the boardroom meeting Jim Carey Mask style. "IT'S SHOWTIMEEEEE"

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