This talk by Michael Mignano why RSS isn't good enough is nauseating. Obviously not willing to mention Podcasting 2.0 tags or how podcasts captured on Spotify hurt podcasters. $120million reasons to shill for closed ecosystems.

@dave We published a new features page today and happily mentioned Podcasting 2.0 Go Podcasting!

"Here I think it is useful to go back to economics. The more that an entity becomes dependent on an Aggregator, the more perilous the economic outlook for said entity. If you depend on Google or Facebook for traffic, or Amazon for sales, the more liable you are to have your margin consumed by said entities. A truly sustainable business model depends on being able to connect to your customers on your own terms, not an Aggregator’s."

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If you've already read Podnews today, then I highly recommend today's Stratechery article.
Its long, insightful, and did I mention long? Podcast Index and Podcasting 2.0 are a direct response (IMO) to some of the ideas he elucidates.

RSS3 Token? @dave @adam I have only heard about this project last week and the token auction today. What do you (collective Podcasting 2.0 royal you) think?

Google aiming at improved podcast quality with discoverability incentives for properly formatted RSS feeds with better feed content.

Sending as much positive vibes as possible to @tomrossi7 and the Buzzsprout crew. Just read about the DoS attack.

@dave Is there a time period for the first phase comment on the namespace update? I think you mentioned wanting to do that. A "call for comment" period will help get as many voices as possible (and adoption). Submission form or link to the Git repo would be helpful. We'll do our best to get the word out. I believe Apple has been working on some new ones for instance.

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