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Database still kickin'. Sidekiq has just surpassed 2 billion processed jobs for NAS.

Now that's a Busy Sidekiq #bs

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NEW: Embed a Podverse player on your website! 🥳

Share a single episode, or a list of all episodes.

Also: change the styles of your player with a customization script.


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Alby is a huge supporter of #value4value we enabled you to send value to all the awsome creators using Alby on almost every popular social platform. We made it even more simple by creating a playlist over on our YouTube channel to show you how 👇

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The company I work for has a dedicated podcast for Open Source - It might be interesting for anyone that wants to get Open Source insights from a corporate / industry perspective:

Our latest The Open Source Way #podcast episode 'Open Source at VMware – Key Driver of Innovation' with Dawn Foster is out now! Tune it to learn about
's contribution to #opensource & the importance of project & community health.


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Wait… what? "We wanted to have something that had no limitations. So the RODECaster Pro II is built on a Linux platform. So it's effectively a computer that we developed from the ground up."

El firmware de la RCPII es Linux 😳

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@brianoflondon "With the new CLI command, lncli constrainmacaroon, developers can add constraints to an existing macaroon without having to bake a new one. This allows for increased flexibility with regard to node access and security. "

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In 5 Days, I'll auction My Very First NFT.
I'll donate ALL the funds to NO AGENDA.

Let's see what happens.

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Pushed a preliminary "streams" mode and visibility into the actual amount sent vs original amount (requested by @cameron):

Looks like this:

This might change. Just a first shot at exposing the streaming, per minute payments.

@StevenB @dave No Agenda episode not updating, been too long for it to be cache. Did something change?

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Related: my first real go at doing some chapters in my fledgling podcast. Check it out on your favorite PC2.0 player.

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Following @adam 's model Value for Value,
Fifty Dollar Dynasty band releases its next album Precession today!

Support the band that rocks No Agenda together!

Free, but whatever value you see in it:

In all available music platforms:

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New song by S.O.N.G. - Perfect Storm (independent distribution and compensation is made possible here through the decentralized music value for value system):

"Dark skies heartache and lies
Love is in the timing
The pressure drops
Tension is lost
I’ll find the silver lining
No more whining
You perfect storm
This perfect storm has run its course..."

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Recently discovered that someone got my api credentials was slamming my backend for podcast/episode data. Pretty easy to identify them so instead of shutting them off i'm just returning them bad/randomized episode data. If anyone sees any podcast apps/websites with wonky episodes that make no sense, do let me know. 😆

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"A curious thing happens to sources of information under conditions of scarcity. They become authoritative."

"The Revolt of The Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium" by @mgurri

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