@StevenB Can you add the <link> tag to the Generator? Every new entry in my feeds had one, and now they keep carrying over to new episodes. Alternatively, if GUID is permalink, use that as <link>?

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Today, let's learn some Dutch πŸ‡³πŸ‡± with @adam:
β€œZet je podcast op de kaart!”
If you want to learn more about geo-located podcasts πŸ—ΊπŸ“πŸŽ™, the Amsterdam (Sept 24th) is the place to go to!
Get your ticket now! 🎟

@hypercatcher @Drebscott Been refrshing the episodes for 15 miuntes. No joy on 1383 showing up yet in the dashboard

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New in Podverse 3.2.1: a skip chapter button! πŸŽ‰

If an episode has chapters, then tap to skip to the next or previous chapter.

Long press to skip to the next item in your queue.

Video demo: somup.com/crQqfNr5Us

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We just added a "Replay Clip" button to the Podverse website. Special thanks to @blackberrybat for his open source contribution!

Next up we will be adding improvements to the Chapters UX on the website. More info here: github.com/podverse/podverse-w

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This is just a thing of beauty: the sats, split, the nerd screen … great start of Fountain implementing v4v … also: finally got this bitcoin wallet stuff going πŸ˜‡

I'm having a real hard time installing a letsencrypt cert on my raspiblitz. Has anyone done that successfully?

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New version of Podcast Guru (Android) is out, we added support for: Person, Location, Season, Episode and License tags. Not ready to update the apps page yet, waiting for iOS to launch which is super super close now.

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I wrote a little microblog about just how easy Social Media could be on IPFS PubSub.


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@dave I made a small proposed change to the <podcast:soundbite> spec.

The current phrasing of the spec makes it sound like RSS hosts *should* use the episode title as the soundbite title, but this is unnecessary since the episode title is provided elsewhere in the RSS feed, and using episode title as soundbite title prevents podcast apps' from being able to differentiate between soundbites with podcaster-defined titles, and soundbites that should use placeholder titles.


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Let's make something clear: a "podcast" is the show you watch or listen to, a "cast" is what you put someone in if they don't listen to podcasts, and a "pod" is a container where you hide the body when they leave a negative review.

@StevenB @dave Just published Moe Facts for the first time with the CC generator. Looks good!

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I've released a new Beta of Anytime Player with new OPML import/export, episode level images, semi-auto episode refresh and several fixes and performance improvements. This also marks the first release for iOS (via TestFlight). If you fancy taking it for a spin and giving me some feedback that would be fantastic. All links can be found on the new website: anytimeplayer.app

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Fountain 0.2.6 is now live with full index search, better download controls and support for chapters!


@StevenB @dave NA 1381 art didn't update everywhere. Not sure why.

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Want to spread the word of Podcasting 2.0 and the free and open podcastindex to your professional peers, investors and friends? Here's a ready to go LinkedIn post to episode 53: linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:l
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