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Dust off my corner of your podcast app because a new episode is coming this Wednesday!

Make sure you're following The Audacity to Podcast in your favorite podcast app, or through so you won't miss this new episode!

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since transcripts are part of Podcasting 2.0

maybe it will be of interest to both podcast hosting companies and to app developers but also to podcasters:

open-source library for speech-to-text has been released by OpenAI (company that makes among others DALL*E):

more details:

(non-daily) source code:

I tried it in Jupyter in Google Colab (with GPU hardware accelerator) and it works and works quite fast.

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Folks, it's time to talk Podcasting 2.0 to our professional peers. Think of investors, podcast producers, hosting companies, app makers and listeners.

Here's a handy, ready to go link to the LinkedIn post on show #103 with @adam and @dave:

Share and like to make sure the post wil popup in other people's time line, mention them to get their specific attention. BOOST!

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Castopod v1.0.0-beta.22 is here! 🚀

This release is full of bug fixes, grab the package on

Check out the release notes for the full list of fixes and update instructions:

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And as an extra thanks to everybody I've included you all in a 5% split for the episode. Check out this ridiculousness lol.

So check your boostagrams all, I just sent a thank you present. And guess what every single split went through!!! That's 24 splits that all succeeded. Podcasting is awesome, Bitcoin is awesome, P2.0 is awesome and you're all awesome!

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The final episode of Season 2 of the 'Value For Value' podcast is now officially out! I want to thank everyone who let me review their show and examine their implementation of v4v.

As I did a round up of everything I've learnt you'll find lots of helpful tips and tricks in this episode. And I have subsequently used most if not all on my Mere Mortals Book Reviews podcast.

Handy Links:

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The Latest Episode of Millennial Media Offensive is now available!

MMO#39 – Te Amo

C U Next Tuesday @ 5:30pm c:

Consider dontating!:

Follow us: @NameRedacted & @Dhowjen

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@StevenB I like the promotion in the subscriptions list, but now that I am subscribed to Medus, I expect it to no longer show up as "have you heard".

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I have no idea. I've been thinking about Adam's idea of people getting paid in sats anytime one of their clips is played on a sound board, and I'm brainstorming how best to have the LN address tied to the mp3. I was thinking embedding the info in the mp3 itself would be the easiest, but I'm not very savy on mp3 technology or standards. I didn't even realize the metadata that went with an mp3 was actually embedded in the mp3 until recently.

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NEW in RSS Blue:

Enter Alby or Fountain username, and we'll fetch the wallet details for you!

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With this feature, it's easier than ever to share value!

Creating an Alby or Fountain wallet takes only minutes and so is the best way to introduce new people (guests, contributors, etc.) to Value 4 Value.

See our updated guide:

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An editor for spoken-word media with transcription.

It gives you a wordprocessor-like experience for media editing.

It can automatically transcribe your audio to text.

It can be used for Video, Audio and mixed editing - Do radio shows, podcasts, audiobooks, interview clips or anything you like.

It is free

It keeps the data in your hands - no cloud whatsoever.


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Defend The Network Podcast -EP6-
In this episode we discuss the bleeding edge of music distribution using the Value for Value model - How @reelrichard makes music- @1EastSideTony 's Top Secret trip and the Bitcoin Beef Pushers?

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Adding a "Share Chapter" button in Podverse v4.6.6.

This was supposed to work already but apparently I broke it a long time ago 😬

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I'm pinning podcasters who have sent me support to the top of the playlists in CurioCaster to give some value back. Hopefully it helps more people discover your work. Since you've been real consistent with your support, and I know you're looking to promote MedusPod more, I have you as the first one. Thanks for everything you've done!!!

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Thanks so much to @adam and @dave for having me on Podcasting 2.0! They and the whole team of developers and supporters are what sparked my interest in podcasting again. It was such a blast. I was fanboying the whole time! Hope new folks will try my Intergalactic Boombox podcast sometime!

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Chapters have been published for episode 102. Loved hearing @kyle on the episode! @adam @dave

Studio is set up for the weekend at @whiteoakpasture in Bluffton Georgia for @beefinitiative

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