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Did you know Podverse maintains an open source JavaScript feed parser library?

It's supposed to make it easy to parse all Podcasting 2.0 namespaces,, but tbh we aren't actively keeping up with it unless there's a namespace we need added in Podverse.

If any developers would to like to help maintain @podverse/podcast-feed-parser please let me know! It is a very small library, but could be useful for devs looking for a Podcasting 2.0 compliant feed parser.

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Even more enabled podcasts!

- Trek TV - The most ambitious Star Trek podcast on the internet!
- The Canadian Bitcoiners Podcast - Bitcoin News With a Canadian Spin


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We have lift off!

The custom satoshis update for Podfriend was just in time.

Time to listen to the future recorded in the past in the present!

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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 42: All a Flutter -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on highlighting the definition of Podcast vs Netcast

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Aww yiss! Five new enabled podcasts!

- School of Podcasting
- Entre Tapas e Espanhol
- King of Kanto
- The Future is not Set
- Mark Williamson Chat Show

Podcasts using Satoshis.Stream: 95

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Just fixed a bug with the "add/byfeedurl" endpoint that would miss on permutation checking when making sure a feed doesn't exist already.

Before adding a url to the `feeds_added` queue table it's checked with various permutations like http/https/endingslash/noendingslash/etc. If the url contained "http" somewhere else in the url body, it would get morphed and not match. Dumb bug.

Thanks to @alberto for reporting it.

cc: @Ben

This fixes it:

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@thomas is a good start for now.

@aric is working hard on a better on-boarding experience. Once he releases that it will be a lot more straightforward. Getting close.

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@mikek999 @davejackson @theDanielJLewis Another reason it’s harder than it otherwise could be is because we’re building it purely open source. We could have come in with VC money and cranked up a company to create a Bitcoin podcast app where we ran all the infrastructure and yada yada. But we chose instead to make it all work as an open standard that anyone can replicate. Doing it that way is much harder/slower. But it was the right thing to do. Nobody should _own_ this stuff.

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Very cool - Hindenburg read my question regarding lower-bitrate Opus encoding, and released a new version of the audio editor with additional bitrates for Opus all the way down to 12kbps. So, is today's audio (in the alternateEnclosure) at 12kbps. Knock yourself out! :)

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Next version of Podcast Addict will support the Alternate Enclosure tag. A first beta should be available by tomorrow

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Thank you @Buzzsprout for explaining to your customers and including it in your process!

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Five!! New enabled podcasts:

- Packers Fan Podcast | Unofficial Green Bay Packers Talk
- Jeunes, volontaires et engagés
- Là d’où je viens a disparu
- Opt Out
- J+7


Podcasts using Satoshis.Stream: 91

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The amount of transactions that I route to the podcastindex node is simply staggering...

Everyone is streaming sats!!

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