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@dave Hi Dave I made a little more progress but not as much as I wanted to because of a family emergency.

See here:

I still need to implement some behavior and a few refinements from my point of view.

If you or anybody else have feedback the best place for it would probably be Github:

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Podcasting 2.0 Revolution is happening now!
Don't miss it and join PodcastIndex before you are forgotten history.
« Vive la Révolution ! ✊ »

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Working more on podcasterwallet this week to clear up some lingering issues I’ve been informed about and get ready to start working on our wallet hosting in January. Our lnpay node is running. I’ve just not had time to work on it much.

As soon as that’s done I’ll switch over to finishing change detection in partytime.js, which has been on the back burner way too long.

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Salutations Mortals 👽
Now, one thing about Award Winning, Multi-Platinum & Diamond Selling, South African Music Producer, Ameen Harron, is he doesn’t hold any punches on S.02 | Ch.03 | Ep.02 so make sure not to miss this one as we speak on everything from his collaboration with YoungstaCPT & NadiaJaftha to why he chose to do Music the way he does 🎧

🎥 ->
- ’Spread the word like Wildfire 🔥 in the Bushveld'

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We are going to submit all our podcasts from to @podcastindex

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Parade pics! We had a great time despite bad internet wrecking the live stream. @funfactfriday

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It's parade day! Fun Fact Friday with Leila and David has a float in the Goldsboro NC Christmas parade to promote our podcast! We will be recording an episode and streaming the whole thing live from the float at 4pm eastern at Check it out!

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Hey @dave is there was an old version of Podverse that was causing the 1 sat problem when it sent "streaming" as the action instead of "stream"

I have this line of code

if ans.get("action") == "streaming":
ans["action"] = "stream"

Is this causing you grief? @adam

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Have your investors, podcasters, hosting parties and producers in your life listen to the updates on value4value podcasting, new features, namespaces and other Podcasting 2.0 topics. @adam and @dave talk about it in Boardmeeting #64, and you can share it with your professional peers on LinkedIn via this ready to share post:

Like, share with your cohost, mention your next investor and follow the page for updates.

Starting a new Podcast in 2.0 world gives instant gratification!

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Salutations Mortals 👽 & welcome the 1st post about on here.

Please fee free to follow any of the links in my bio to test out listening through any of the apps, like @breez_tech @podcastindex 🦾

Or just hit this link & choose your poison 🎥 &🎙->

- ’Spread the word like Wildfire 🔥 in the Bushveld' ⚠️ Not suitable for 🔞 

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Sneak peak of the new full screen view in Podverse v4 👀

New website should be out next week!

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Feels like cross app comments have been abandoned. I don't understand why.

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Custom feed tags coming to Podcast Generator soon. I hope to land it in Git this evening. Meanwhile, PI ping and season/episode numbers are still in the wings, the latter due to valid issues around indexing raised by the previous PG maintainer.

If anyone wants to try out custom tags and try to break it, branch is here in my personal repo:

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