@merryoscar @mitch I think this has been mentioned before but Fountain and Podverse stop playing if you have the voice turned on in Google Map. Normally what your listening to is paused for the notification and then picks back up after.

Bitcoin Designathon!

This is an interesting idea to get better idea for Bitcoin UI/UX.


Adding a "Share Chapter" button in Podverse v4.6.6.

This was supposed to work already but apparently I broke it a long time ago 😬

New lock screen on IOS 16 really makes the chapter art more visible. It’s basically the same size as it is in the app.

Moe Factz with Adam Curry Episode number 86 - "Pox Luck" -- Adam and Moe Inspect the Red Rats l.curry.com/fAE

@Artists. If you put your getalby podcast wallet details with your image, I will add you to the 2.0 value block split for that episode. I think we can make this work in beta for a bit.

@mitch Does your login to Alby time out or disconnect in the mobile app? I went to send a Boost and had to reconnect my wallet.

Programming note: We will be recording the show today at 4pm central time to accommodate our guest in a different time zone. Another good reason to have your Podverse and Curiocaster live item notifications turned on. 😊

@adam @StevenB @Drebscott

Dreb's and Steven's splits were failing on the latest CATK this morning.

I've build the Lightning Mixtape

Each track on the mixtape costs max. 210 sats and is paid directly from the listener's wallet to the artist!
This is a technical showcase of what we can do with that lightning tech (WebLN+LNURL+LSAT).

What do you think?
Any artists around here who wants to give it a try?

To help @StevenB with the BOOSTdrive if you boost with Fountain you can possibly win some stuff from Coinkite. If your interested do it sooner than later because it resets tomorrow. 😱



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