New (and final) season of Better Call Saul after 2 years of waiting. Mind giving this podcast a kick @dave so it’s new episodes show up in Podcasting 2.0 apps? thanks!

(3/3) This leaves the door open for a third party to come in and say “if you include us as your split, we’ll share your comments with all of the following apps and give them a cut of the split.” It will be easy money, and if the third party misbehaves, they can easily be removed and replaced with another entity willing to spread these comments around. Not as ideal as federated comments, but the “works now” aspect is certainly appealing. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

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(2/3) The Podcaster could specify one or two apps they want to make sure their comments show up in by adding 1% splits for them. Perhaps in the apps themselves, the settings could allow a listener to add in a 1% split so listeners could guarantee their comments also show up in another app of their choosing. For example, if you regularly use two apps and you want your comments to show up in both if they’re not in the Podcast’s split already.

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@mitch @merryoscar @StevenB @martin @francosolerio @dave @adam (1/3) Perhaps not the fully decentralized end goal that everyone wants to get to for cross-app comments, but the “it works now” aspect of Fountain’s comment implementation is a great intermediate step. It’s easy to see difficulty in scaling though if every podcasting 2.0 app went this route (1% splits for every app). Perhaps the splits don’t need to get out of control though.

Feature wish list. I’d love to have a ‘inbox zero’ type GUI in a Podcasting 2.0 podcast app. Open to a list of all subscribed episodes and swipe to organize them away. Many get archived, others get added to various playlists (auto-download any episode in a playlist), others get marked as listened to already. Mark some as favorites if you expect to circle back regularly (perhaps to recommend to others). Slowly you work your way back in time finding episodes you might not have found otherwise.

Seems like a good amount of value4value discussion on todays Buzzcast episode (, but it’s not showing up in the index yet. Looking forward to it showing up in the Podcasting2.0 apps.

@adam @dave On the topic of subscriptions in Podcasting 2.0 episode 73, if the general consensus is these boosts and streamed sats are gifts, this saves a lot of headache not having to file taxes on them (below $15,000 in the US). If there was a $10 a month subscription, it would be hard to justify calling that a gift, and now you introduce the headache at tax time if paying with lightning. To me this is a pretty big advantage of the value4value model that I haven’t heard brought up.

@mitch @merryoscar @StevenB @martin @francosolerio @dave @adam I’d love the ability to fund podcast wallets via lnurl-withdraw. I could give out lnurl-withdraw codes for a few thousand sats, someone could paste the text into their podcast app of choice, and instantly be ready to start testing out boostagrams and streaming value. Any chance this is on anyone’s roadmap?

@adam, @dave @Drebscott FYI, doesn’t look like Dreb’s splits are going through from Podverse. No route currently from LNPay to Dreb’s node?

@dave @adam just inquired about LNPay support of lightning addresses over on the LNPay Telegram. Sounds like that’s quite doable. Worth looking into its viability for podcasting. Maybe you still get more information from the TLV records with keysend to a node address, but some scenarios (a one-time guest?) may benefit from an easier to obtain lightning address.

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@dave @adam It seems in the future, supporting lightning addresses ( ) in the ‘type’ field of the value block (as an alternative to keysend payments) may allow easier creation of podcaster (or guest) wallets as many services/packages like LNbits don’t support keysend but do support Lightning addresses. I suppose LNPay would need to implement lightning address support first as multiple podcast apps use LNPay.

@dave when you get a chance, can you review this issue? His episodes (except 1) are still not showing up even though the index knows their are 20 of them.

Streaming value to video podcasts seems like a big deal that isn’t talked about as much. Is there a place to go to see which podcast hosts support creating video podcasts in a way that value4value enabled podcast apps can play? I know CurioCaster supports video, but that’s not technically a Podcasting2.0 feature so it doesn’t show up on Having a shareable resource for those looking to create or watch video podcasts that are value4value enabled would be great. @dave @adam

@dave @adam the attached is what I see when I look up the podcast in apps that aren’t using PodcastIndex

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@dave @adam is there a way to tell if Episode 2 of this podcast just hasn’t shown up in yet, vs. it had previously shown up but was deleted by the host? I normally notify a family member when a new episode is out so they can play it via Amazon Alexa. If it’s lack of presence in means it was deleted and will soon disappear from Podcasting 1.0 apps as well, I don’t want to confuse them by telling them Ep#2 is out. Thanks!

...such as which episode was being listened to, or the minute mark in an episode that a boost came in? Would this be additional information that comes through other valueRecipient elements? I’m using a full lnd node on a RaspiBlitz, and my podcast is hosted on Anchor. Thanks!

I asked this over on Sphyx but Dave suggested this would be the better place for it. I added the value block to my podcast; works great, I’m getting streaming sats through Breez, podfriend, etc. Going to, entering my RSS feed, email address, and lightning node address was super user friendly. Is there currently a way with a similar degree of user-friendliness to get a bit more information through the keysend invoices that come in?

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