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Big announcement!

Livestream notifications have been added to Podverse iOS and Android 🥳

Podcasters can now broadcast live to all podcast apps by adding the Podcasting 2.0 live item tag to their RSS feed.

"New episode" notifications have also been added.


App Store:

Google Play:

One of my favorite Boosts this week.

We inspired a rage Boost talking by about Star Trek on Coder Radio...

But even a grumpy boost is always great. I've been creating podcasts for 15 years and I've never enjoyed getting notes from the audience like this before.

It creates an even deeper connection between podcaster and listner.

Value for Value supported by podcasts are about to get an out-of-the-box self-hostable server option via @BTCPayServer

Podcast hosting and full lighting integration out of the box.

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Small new release of Helipad if anyone wants to test:

This should finally fix the CSV export wonkiness and also adds two new app logos.

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