Told ya so - Time: "Podcasters Are Buying Millions of Listeners With Mobile Ads"

The Podcast Industrial Complex is crumbling.

Alright... we're getting rolling here with our node up and running and I (now) have two (more) questions.

1) Is there something like Helipad that interfaces with Core Lightning/c-lightning? (We are running dockerized on Synology and went with that instead of LND, but maybe that was a mistake?). I wanna see the text of our Boostagrams! :)

2) Looking at makes me need to ask: Is @dave the Rush fan who put port 2112 in the docs? :)

Alright, so... we're getting close with our own lightning node (running on my Synology DiskStation). We've got the full bitcoin node setup (at a cool half-terabyte! :) as well as the lightning node.

Now I think we need to open channel(s) to other nodes...and I'm curious what the best/recommended path for that is? Thanks!

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