any plans for 2.0 app developers to have a way for users to see how much they have streamed and boosted to podcasts they listen to?

just finished posting chapters for Episode 53. Sorry for the delay. A few custom images from me, be gentle, I'm not a graphic design guy. @dave @adam

@StevenB why is there no donate link that I can find on the Curiocaster website to give value to your project? @adam

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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 50: Max Boost Time
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with free software entrepreneur Max Hillebrand. We go deep on how all this bitcoin lightning stuff works. An outstanding board meeting!

just published chapters. again, not a graphic artist. I called one of the chapters, "The Dupes of Hazard" and used this image. i amuse myself.

Random Podcasting 2.0 thought of the day. Does the ground work that’s being laid for cross app comments pave the way for cross app podcast and podcast episode ratings? Just thinking out loud here.

Our 4yr old girl has created a little fort for reading books this afternoon using the “monster blanket”. That’s how she and her 2yr old twin sister refer to the blanket. The monster blanket. Lol. @martin

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13+ hours of listening & creating chapters this past week using @hypercatcher. Likely another 3-4 hours afterwards adding images and links. Some weeks I’m more creative than others. I’m not sure why, but I really enjoy it.

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⚡️ This was a productive day for podcasting and value sending using Satoshis.Stream! ⚡️

1) Invoices are now handled instantly
2) Message parsing and output in /export
3) Sending messages to Telegram channels of your podcast (use /messagesub)
4) Allow for posting donations to Discord

Support channel (

Now we want:
* More apps to support adding messages to boosts
* For streamers: a web app to receive webhooks and displaying on a page to stream embedding

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For those that are curious, here is what the messaged boosts look like on my side when extracting from the PI lightning node:

i'm definitely not a graphic artist, which is why i rely so heavily on the art generator for NA. I created this one for the latest episode of Podcasting 2.0. Could be much better, but i'm no pro. ;) @dave @adam @aric

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A thread of Podcasting 2.0 demos on Twitter featuring transcripts, chapters, and boost 🚀

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4M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 one one ...

and then some. :)

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posted chapters for latest episode.
Question for those of you that have new enough vehicles that they show the chapter art. What does your car stereo do when there is an animated GIF in the chapter art?

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