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Looking for a non-Apple recommendation for wireless ear buds for use with my iPhone. I’ve been using Samsung Galaxy Buds+, but I need something newer now. Buds Pro aren’t fully supported on iOS. Anyone have a recommendation in the $100-200ish range? I need it to have a decent quality mic too for calls. Thanks for considering.

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If you're using Sovereign Feeds to publish your feeds, you can quickly save your work by press CTRL + S.

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Video livestreams are now supported in Podverse! 🥳

Download v4.5.5 for iOS and Android for video livestream playback.

They also work on the website *except* for iOS Safari. I'll look into that bug this weekend.


ah man, @ ~7min @dave makes fun of my 10 Inch Heady Duty Scissors. lol

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FYI: The show today will not be until 8:00 pm central time tonight. We had to move it to accommodate our guest's time zone.

chapters for episode 87 have been published. Sorry for the delay. (I'm getting caught up on life after taking a few days off.) @adam @dave

@dave FYI: Torcon image link is dead. Feed shows feeds.podcastindex.org/tcviico as the image URL & iTunes image. The file doesn't appear to exist.

transcript question. Otter.ai lets you export transcripts with the speakers names if you tag the speakers. When exporting .srt files for podcast transcripts, is there a best practice here?
should speaker names be included, or would that cause too much real-estate usage on phones?
also, any recommendation Max number of lines & Max characters per line?
I don't see any recommendations about these on the github, just wondering what people have found that works best?

Chapters suggestion for apps. Re-check the chapters json file for changes and not just when the podcast is downloaded/played. Otherwise, if the podcaster makes a change it won’t be reflected for the listener if they downloaded and don’t listen right away. Not sure how everyone is doing it, but my experience seems to be that I have to delete and re-download on several apps, to pick up changes.

Chapters will be delayed for the PC 2.0 episode that will drop today. Taking the 5yr old on her first campout with her Cub Scout pack(they allow girls now). We leave this afternoon and get back late tomorrow. @dave @adam

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Episode 101 - Mushrooms! Official cross-app comment thread.

@StevenB is Curiocaster supposed to show transcripts? I've tried several podcasts that have transcripts, but i'm not seeing them in the player. maybe i'm just missing it?

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The latest V4V episode has been released. Today I cover 'Fun Fact Friday' with our very own @Medus and everything he and his daughter Leila are absolutely knocking out of the park. Worth checking out if you want to really know how you can use 'user content' as part of your own show.


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