Well Minister @WillieJLabour "Two Portfolios" Jackson, with all the advice and criticism you've levelled over the years, now you're in position to fix it all. rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/

"Blake King, power markets engineer at Galaxy, formerly of Oak Ridge national lab and ERCOT, joins us to talk about how changing grids are accommodating an influx of load from Bitcoin miners." @nic_carter @hhornblower95
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Fantastically informative episode of the @OnTheBrinkCIV mining miniseries with @hhornblower95... thoroughly enjoyed this one


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Putting "crypto" in front, doesn't change that.
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If only people stopped just believing whatever these silly startups claim they do with zero proof or accountability | Celsius Said It Was Low Risk; Documents Show the Opposite | youtu.be/XrsiLa3BUqg vía @YouTube

"The de-peg of UST could instead have resulted from the investment decisions of several well-funded entities" nansen.ai/research/on-chain-fo Even the post-mortems are better in public.

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“Every blockchain has a privileged set of entities that can modify the semantics of the blockchain to potentially change past transactions.”

Potentially, but the "privileged set" in include users, who have little to no incentive to do this. cryptowords.github.io/who-cont

The @arbitrum team has decided to pause Odyssey following a spike in gas fees that briefly made swaps even more expensive on the solution than on mainnet" cryptopanic.com/news/15633101/

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