@dave @adam @mitch buzz sprout does not allow you to name your sound bite. I might be the only one naming my soundbites. I do it with my own tool for Dudes And Dads Podcast. Also from running podcastsoindbites.com I can verify most people don’t name them.

@dave @adam @StevenB @steven haha it'll get there. Thanks for the quick response!

Another question...for the node addresses...what's the simplest way to get a node address? Also LNPay?

We have a Podverse LN node setup on a Pi at my apartment with a channel to Podcast Index, but we'd like a separate node for development purposes. Can we use Sphinx to provision a node for us?

Sorry again I should know this stuff by now, but we're finally at a point where we can tackle this.

@dave are you getting bad weather by you. I heard down south (I’m in indiana) y’all are getting some nasty stuff

Version 1.39.0 of @podstation will bring more visibility to the content of the podcast:funding tag.

I released an emergency update to my Wordpress plug-in that adds the tags to power press. Since Blubrry updated their plug-in they define the name space and I was too. I had to stop defining it. Now it works again. github.com/Lehmancreations/Pod

@Lehmancreations I’ll link back to the apps page or what ever. Once my Mac comes back up. It crashed yesterday and won’t boot

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@dave @adam. I’m going to add this to my GitHub profile (Andy Lehman -expert level bug reporter

Fridays have become my most anticipated day of the week because of the Podcasting 2.0 podcast

@dellagustin Interesting. It probably was overwritten by the aggregator. I'll need to make some partytime.js adjustments so it picks up those extra values. Let me get back to you once I make those changes.


@dave will podcasterwallet allow me to put in a node with a custom key. I want to use lnpay in my value block

@martin Tim said he's thinking over how to make the keysend payments queue up so they can return asynchronously and avoid the delay.

@Kulak @anita @adam Powerpress is also a good option. @Lehmancreations has a good plugin that can help add the new tags.

Podbean is still under attack. We’re all sharing notes to help each other. Podcasting community FTW!

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@dave I’m a grumpy old IT guy too. I agree kids these days are NOT tech savvy.

There is now a new parameter for the "search/byterm" endpoint called "valueonly". If this parameter is present then the search will only return feeds that have a value block:


I have updated my Wordpress plug-in that adds the namespace to power press feeds to include the location tag and the season and episode tags github.com/Lehmancreations/Pod

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