You cant say that you caused the ad spend to go up. That growth would have happened even with out spotify

@Lehmancreations @agates I think it might have been because I was installing it on an Raspberry Pi. Since then I’ve installed docker on my Mac and have been using that

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I sent my first podpings via the hivewriter today!!!!! thanks @brianoflondon for the help

@agates I installed the hivewriter with pipx and have version 1.0.3 how can i get the version that has the reason code

@dave can you delete episode id 8310108433 I put a whole new post in so now there is duplicate episodes.

Podcasting tonight with my podcasting 2.0 shirt on and we were LIT. We used the live item tag

@dave if I would want to set up a raspberry pi with the hive writer to send live notifications do you know how I would do that ?

@dave thanks for the boostagram. I just saw it this morning and we recorded last night. I’ll mention it on the next recording we record

In the morning all you early adopters, scissor runners, and eye pokers.

After listening to @adam talk about adding WebHooks to Sovereign Feeds, a light bulb clicked. Any host that wants to can set up a route to receive the XML file and do with it as they wish, and that host could be you.

So I've added a Beta version of WebHooks to Sovereign Feeds. If you have a server, you can set up an endpoint to handle a POST from Sovereign Feeds which will send the XML file to your server.

@adam Thanks for the explanation of your dislike for the loop back feature on the latest episode of PC2.0

I wanted to put this out there to see if anyone would would want to buy the domain from me. I really enjoy soundbites but at this point I dont have the time to put into the product to make it want I want it to be

New episode of the Dudes and Dads podcast is up about the enneagram. Boost and stream !!!!!

MY Umbrel is back online! it had been off for a while due to internet issues. So feel free to send me boosts and boostagrams again for Dudes And Dads Podcast :)

@dave can you refresh my latest episode of show ID 955598. I forgot to add chapters url. I added it to my feed and hot pod ping but it didn’t update

@dave did you see my post about the updating an episode and how it is duping the soundbites

@dave I found an error with the parser updating episodes. Look and episode 7188179839. I have updated it to include the transcript (and some description text change) the description didn’t change in the index, it did add the transcript. However it is now doubling and tripling the soundbite in soundbites array

@js @agates @martin @mitch @Lehmancreations Got the first part of the port working. It won't be a straight port since PHP can't really act like JS at all. It'll just be a class that outputs the thread hierarchy as an assoc array.

Writing the synchronous version now. Then an async version.

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