I know it dosnt matter at this time but I really liked @danieljlewis suggestion of having the Podcast GUID returned in the headers of the podcast website. If you now request any page on dudesanddadspodcast.com the podcast-guid header is returned with the response

> Apple’s App Store is the devil we know. The most viable alternatives that would crop up would be far worse.

I don't like the status quo, but I can't say that I disagree

I have officially earned almost $6 in sats from the Dudes And Dads Podcast :)

After learning of Hindenburg journalist pro from James cridland it looks awesome. Now I just have to find the money to cough up for it. :)

New episode of Dudes And Dads Podcast out.. it is an interview with a man who was incarcerated and now runs a house for men who are getting out of prison. Listen,stream, boost DudesAndDadsPodcast.com/s3e15

I have updated my Wordpress plug-in that adds the namespace. New version includes a setting to change the suggested value of the value block github.com/Lehmancreations/Pod

@theDanielJLewis I got your issue on my plug-in. That totally was not my intent. I agree that is slimy. I thought that if there was nothing on the block it would not add the block. I’ll have a look at that and I will add a note that I am adding my block in. Thanks for pointing it out

A new episode of my podcast “Dudes and Dads podcast” is out it is titled “John Kauffman - big brother” listen… boost..BOOST.. Bostagram. In it we talk with John who is part of the big brother / big sister program DudesAndDadsPodcast.com/s3e14

@martin I’m missing a marked as played button for episode I have already listened to. Also it seems like the audio speed isn’t working

@martin I just switched over from a purple podcasting app to podfriend. Loving the iOS app. I’m going to try and use it as my primary app. One thing I would love to see is a way to make episodes as played or see a list of unplayed episodes. (Unless I am missing that somewhere). Btw. Thanks for such a great app

@dave I think the ipfs daemon is down. I can’t get the DB dump

@StevenB No, the value block hasn't been formalized yet. But, I think we can do that in Phase 4. A solid bitcoin guy (dergigi) did a thorough review of the spec and signed off on it last week.

A Facebook group I am in just asked what everyone’s favorite podcast listening app is in a poll. I made sure to add all of the 2.0 apps I knew about. :). Hope this helps people find new apps

I was sad to hear this review of podcast movement and fireside. The host said “there has been no innovation in podcasting except dynamic add insertion “ podcastsoundbites.com/soundbit

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