According to “the feed by Libsyn” they now support the locked tag

@dave if I found a pirated feed on an anchor can you remove it from the index for me? This feed is pirated

Feature request for all new podcasting apps, subscribe via RSS I love the index and all we’re doing but I need to be able to directly subscribe to a feed.

Was working on adding some phase 4 tags into my Wordpress plug-in. I got medium. I hope to publish the new version of the plug-in soon

A new episode of the Dudes And Dads podcast is out. It’s about budgeting. Listen and Boost

Ahh the pew pew sound is so awesome to hear and know your getting sats. I’m watching my node for the Dudes and Dads Podcast and am hearing it :)

@dave @adam I was happy to see a Podcasting 2.0 episode today, I missed it not having one last week

I have got my umbrel set up and opened a channel and changed my node ID in the podcast index for the “Dudes And Dads” podcast. This is so exciting. BOOST!!!!!!!!

@dave would you have some time in the future to maybe do a zoom call. I’m trying to wrap my head around activitypub and how I could implement it in my Wordpress plug-in and possibly on I’ve looked at the specs but just have some questions.

@Lehmancreations @yael @ablekirby 10-4. We start finalizing on December 1st. I need to bounce over to the namespace and do some cleanup and chaperoning.

Listening to the latest dev call. I’m hoping to join next time

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