I put some extra defense in the "add/byfeedurl" endpoint to reject things like "spotifeed.timdorr.com", "listenlater.fm" and feeds having basic authentication username/passwords embedded in them.

@Lehmancreations Just found the soundbites duplication bug. Will fix tomorrow when I have some fresher brains.

Happy 20th birthday, podcasting. The first podcast feed was made today, Jan 20, 2001. The history of the medium is over here (which I'm publishing later in Podnews). podnews.net/article/first-podc

@dave I hate to bother you again about soundbites but do you know why my show (ID 955598) has sound bites listed twice for the same show?

I have updated my Wordpress plug-in that adds the namespace to power press feeds to include the new chance in the person tag as well as setting the person and soundbite tags via a custom meta box on the post so you don’t need to put them into a custom field github.com/Lehmancreations/Pod

@dave I published an episode with the wrong title. I have updated in the feed and tried to call hub.podcastindex.org/api/1.0/h. To update the title in the index but it is not working. Episode ID is 1402360191. The title has 20201 in it and it should be 2020. Oops :)

@dave I really enjoyed listening to the Kodsnack episode with you on it

@dave episode ID 721072248 has multiple soundbites in the feed but only one is showing up in PI. I’m working on something with the multiple sounds bites. Can you refresh my feed and see if you can get it to pick up the soundbites

Not sure what I’m doing but I now own podcastsoundbites.com

@mitch can you parse my feed. I did not realize there was two <image> tags and the image you are showing on podverse for Dudes And Dads is my favicon. I have the issue fixed in my feed now. Thanks

The first podcast to use the <podcast:soundbite> tag with a title has been added to Podverse 🎉

We now have over 90000 soundbites in our database thanks to BuzzSprout, but soundbites only get featured on our home page if they have a title. The "Dudes And Dads Podcast" is the first podcast we know of to use the soundbite title attribute.


@dave if a podcast has multiple soundbites the index is only showing one. As well as it’s not showing the title. Check out episode id 721072248. I see titles when looking at /recent/soundbites but no where else. But that episode has multiple sound bites and I only see one anywhere in the index

@dave is there a time that a feeds episodes get replulled into the index. Just thinking. Let’s say I change a media enclosure or an image file for the episode. Does that information ever get updated or not. And forgive me if I asked you before. I k ow you can do it but what if there was a tag we could put in our rss to signal you to repull all the episodes in ?

I updated my wordpress plugin (that works in conjunction powerpress to add the podcast namespace). I added the person tag and soud note tag. github.com/Lehmancreations/Pod

@hypercatcher if an episode gets published that has the chapters url in the feed do you import those chapters into your system?

@hypercatcher this might not be the best place for this but I tried adding chapters in HyperCatcher for my podcast and when I look at the url I see no chapters studio.hypercatcher.com/chapte but if I download the json they are there

It adds the official tags and the contact emails feedback and abuse and the chapters tag

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I have created a Wordpress plugin that adds the namespace tags. If you are using power press to create your feeds and want the new namespace you can check out github.com/Lehmancreations/Pod

Go to releases and download the zip and then rename the zip file to take out -1.0 and then upload to Wordpress.

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