Do know about an alternative to BlueWallet that is working in Europe? I try to refill the lightning wallet with bank card, but I get a white blank screen.

Episode 57 of The Secular Foxhole podcast. Part 1. Professor Hicks joins us to give an overview of his brilliant exposé on Postmodernism's roots. To be continued with Part 2, later this year. Ping @Meremortals


Episode 3 (season 3) of Presentation (Skills) Q&A: It starts with the first handshake…

@dergigi @merryoscar

I mention the feedback loop, and the Fountain app, at the end of the episode.

@bowlafterbowl @SirSpencer @Laurien I have now sent a symbol USD $1via PayPal. I included the Call-to-Action in my tweet. I would like to give you a silver coin (1 Troy Oz) one day... @dave I like Krugerrand and Australian Silver Kookaburra coins too! :)

It was fun to listen live on @podverse. I had to stop the live streaming for late dinner, so I listened to the published episode 103 of Podcasting 2.0, on @podcastguru. @adam I will try the Matrix chat on value 4 value dot info site in the near future. @dave I will send you an email about our VPM figure. @Meremortals Thanks for your latest boostagram. It made my day. As a cat person, I want to avoid to use the "sad puppy face" as an ask to our listeners. ;)

@merryoscar Fountain app is crashing on my mobile right now. I wrote the Boostagram to @adam & @dave, saving it in an Ulysses document, and then copied and pasted it into the Boostagram of 2222 Satoshis (Row of Ducks). "399 characters, 60 words, 15 sec average reading time." Leaderboard, International Podcast Day, and Intergalactic Boombox sticker are mentioned. Ping @kyle ;)

I hosted VCBUZZ Twitter chat on 9/20. Excerpt:

"Q4 What are the best tricks to promote a podcast?

Depending on your listeners, topic, and where your audience is on the web and offline. My new best trick is to look into the feedback loop and the value for value model, described by the folks behind the podcasting 2.0 initiative.

Start using new podcast applications where you could use clips, sending digital telegrams with a feedback note to fellow podcasters."

"Man cold" and a new microphone. Ping @Meremortals. I forgot the v4v ask in this episode. We talked about new podcast apps in the previous episode of Presentation (Skills) Q&A.

@dave Is it a limit of 100 episodes you could see on Podcast Index? I can see all the episodes (150+) on the hosting podcast page ( ), but the co-host Niklas Larsson says that the listeners only could see 100 in Spotify and Google podcasts. They are arranging a prepping course and have asked the participants to listen to episode 55 and 56. Is it a new podcast app out there that have the full catalogue?

@podverse After episode 101 of Podcasting 2.0 finished, the live stream continued with other content. Did you hear that?

@dave You and @chidgey are talking about something called "Chron" (spelling?) boosting. What is that?

@adam @dave I don't have the ducks in the row, at the moment. You will get some small symbolic boostagrams (3 x 22 sats). I am listening on CurioCaster. I do not have so many Sats in this wallet.

Episode 55 of The Secular Foxhole podcast with returning guest, Bosch Fawstin. Ping @brianoflondon

@merryoscar : Fountain is mentioned.

@Meremortals, @adam, @dave: Shout-outs to you guys at the end of the show.


Another of my podcasts are added to the value for value model. My co-host, Carina R. and I, are pivoting and we are going back to speaking in English (or SWEnglish sometimes). @merryoscar Fountain is mentioned! ;)

@merryoscar How is @BoostBot working with Fountain? How do you add to the split for a podcast?

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