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@ablekirby @SirSpencer my favorite way to tell people to get an account is Hive Onboard.

That site does require an email or phone loop to stop bots but I have a few VIP tickets that bypass all that.

I also have 500+ account creation "tokens" but at present there's no way to give these to someone: I can create an account and generate keys and then pass them on. If you don't trust me, you can immediately change them.

This is a link for HOB but I'll DM you a VIP link.

Gross, I just realised he uses dynamic ads so the Podverse clip is going to be out of sync. The YouTube clip should remain unchanged though.

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@adam @dave Podcasting 2.0 is getting noticed. My co-host heard this brief mention of Adam and streaming payments on the latest Lex Fridman podcast.

@StevenB Hey Steven I've got a question for you. Is there any way to link directly to my podcast within curiocaster?

For example at the moment I've got your logo at the top of my site ( but it just goes to the general landing page.

Just FYI @jamescridland. I noticed a few of your images were being cut off. You'll need to make them into a square format with a plain background colour. I asked Buzzsprout about them doing this automatically but they declined to do it.

@agates Hey Alecks. I just tried uploading some small vids onto NATube and kept getting this message but I'm not sure what it means. Any help would be appreciated!

@brianoflondon Keen to be able to have a bit more control with those upgrades you were talking about!

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For those wondering what the video podcasts on 3Speak can look like from the latest 2.0 episode. I've created a clips channel to put up Mere Mortals content. You'll definitely want to make your videos in 720p or less though as it can't handle 4k or super long episodes.

Only viewable at the moment on Podfriend & Curiocaster (I believe).

@mitch Hey Mitch. Just a heads up that one of my podcasts is referencing an old feed (and therefore not updating) on Podverse. The new one for the 'Value For Value' podcast is

@dave No big deal, just an FYI for you. The Value For Value podcast page appears to be out of sync with the first couple of episodes. The episodes are there but the yellow link button goes to the wrong place and the cover art isn't showing up for some reason.

It's referencing the correct rss feed and the links/images appear all good in most other places.

@satoshisstream Do you have a list of all the podcasts that use your service and in particular those with the /messagesub enabled? I really like to send boostagrams to people but it's kind of disheartening when I know that many of them are going into the ether.

Would up my odds if I knew they had boostagrams enabled through you guys as the people with their own node and a script to parse them would surely be in the single digits.

Anyone know of any V4V enabled Spanish-language podcasts that talk about Podcasting 2.0? I'd love to listen in and hear how P2.0 is understood/perceived in a different language.

@jamescridland We spoke about checking out your own work. I put a couple of .gif images in the chapters and they weren't playing in podfriend or breez. Does Buzzsprout work with gifs or were they just too large (3 & 10mb if I recall) or maybe some other problem?

P.S. to all. I include the funny chapter images in the YT vid so you're not missing out if you go there. In fact you'll be able to see the .gifs playing that aren't working in the 2.0 apps!

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I had a chat the other week with @jamescridland , might be of interest to some here as we chat a bit about 2.0. Lots of dodgy photoshop again if you liked the chapter art with @dave .

Of course it is in all the 2.0 apps but we did it in person so if you're a visual person, the YouTube link is worth checking out. Also shows that not every part of Aus is going through the madness down south.

@dave If you're interested in the Wim Hof method I did a review on his recent book a while ago. Apologies for the lack of 2.0 app links on the website, gotta fix that up. I got into it for half a year so if you type in 'Mere Mortals Wim Hof' a couple of eps will pop up for the main MM channel as well.

The real question you've got to ask yourself though: are you really ready to introduce another zany dutch dude to your life? I would have thought one @adam is enough

@dave I continually get this popping up when I go to

Do you know what this is all about?

Oh and it would be worth checking out the chapters if you're listening in a 2.0 app. I put some effort into those and my notorious shite-but-funny photoshop skills are well in evidence.

Streaming sats is always appreciated but feedback/constructive criticism on how I can improve on my q's or style and become a better podcaster would be even better. GO PODCASTING!!!

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Hey hey Gang. I was extremely fortunate to get the ever handsome @dave on the podcast a week ago. I came at it from someone up to date with the majority of 2.0 so most of it was questions about the v4v model and future looking. Also some more personal q's at the end to get to know Dave better. @ChadF already provided a link to Podfriend so here's a couple more:

Hope you get some value from it!

Just got the chance to listen to a couple episodes of Ablekraft by @ablekirby & @SirSpencer. Super cool to see people trying to implement the web of cool features into something new (in this case a new way to deliver music). Worth a checkout!

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