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And as an extra thanks to everybody I've included you all in a 5% split for the episode. Check out this ridiculousness lol.

So check your boostagrams all, I just sent a thank you present. And guess what every single split went through!!! That's 24 splits that all succeeded. Podcasting is awesome, Bitcoin is awesome, P2.0 is awesome and you're all awesome!

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The final episode of Season 2 of the 'Value For Value' podcast is now officially out! I want to thank everyone who let me review their show and examine their implementation of v4v.

As I did a round up of everything I've learnt you'll find lots of helpful tips and tricks in this episode. And I have subsequently used most if not all on my Mere Mortals Book Reviews podcast.

Handy Links:

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Introducing SATurn: Value for Value #podcasts analytics.

Excited yet? 🥳

Do you want to see how your audience is listening to your episodes? Do they skip the intro? Which part resonated most?

Let's take a look at how awesome this is. 🧵👇
#Bitcoin #LightningNetwork

The 2nd last episode of the Value For Value Season 2 is up. I went through @mcintosh's podcast called 'Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency'. A nice beginners guide to all sorts of crypto news and thoughts. Definitely corresponds to my general thoughts about it.

I really like his insistence of not accepting advertising nor sponsorships. Has inspired me to showcase that a bit more on my shows as well.

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And of course if you want my deconstruction of their project then here are some handy links:

Btw @SirSpencer @ablekirby I put Makin' Beans on at the end to take it out, I hope you're ok with that. I've also bumped up your splits as a thanks for letting me use your music on an episode a couple of months ago. Much appreciated!

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It's an uncharacteristically late episode of the V4V Podcast this week (I got super busy on Sat). This is a fun one because I've been listening to @SirSpencer and @ablekirby on AbleKraft long before I checked out their main shows.

If you haven't heard about how they released their 'Stay Awhile' album as a P2.0 podcast/music feed last Christmas, first go listen to the album, and then checkout AbleKraft to learn how they created it. Definitely a unique way to use V4V as a feeder to their music.

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Hot on Fountain 🔥🔥🔥

You can now find the top 50 most supported shows and episodes (and the biggest boosts) at

The charts are updated hourly and show you the top results from the last 7 days.

BTW @jamescridland @samsethi. As sam is using a GetAlby address I don't think I have enough info to be able to include him as a split for the episode otherwise it will all go to the main lnd node they run. I've asked Moritz if it's possible to send a split directly to but until then I've made it 20% going to James.

This is a problem I've encountered with @satoshisstream as well. Are there ways I can find that extra info to include so it goes to the right person?

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It's ridiculous that I had yet to do a v4v podcast ep talking about a podcast that talks about podcasting. So I did that, this is the actual metaverse!

If you haven't checked out @jamescridland and @samsethi's Podland then you're missing out on a good roundup of podcasting news happening outside of P2.0 (but also of P2.0 news as well). Handy links to listen:

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@adam and @dave knocked it out of the park with their talk - seriously great tour - done so well it would work in audio form as well even with no slides. hopefully someone recorded the audio

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Apparently my local supermarket is getting on the P2.0 train. Boooooost!

A couple of handy links for those who are interested:




Robert's website:

Btw @robert. Tenía que usar tu cuenta en Fountain por tu 20% porción porque no sé los extra detalles por tu node en Satoshis.Stream. Disfruta!

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