@martin Hey Martin. I know you're on holiday but I'll forget later if I don't write it now. When using the web app (with chrome) and the app on my phone (samsung S9) this pops up whenever I follow anyone. After I hit reload it shows I have indeed followed them but always takes me to this error page first. Enjoy that sun mate!

@martin @StevenB Fellas can you clear up one thing for me. If I send a boostagram designated for 'Everyone' does that mean that all those parties can see my message or is it still only going directly to the podcaster?

If there are any podcasters here that are value enabled, let me know your podcast name as I've got some sats burning away in my wallet that want to be transferred to someone new.

Already planning on checking out the Intergalactic Boom Box @kyle

Just sent an email to my hosting provider asking about their plans for the future and if that will include supporting the new RSS tags. I really would love to start playing around with some of these things so might need to create a podcast elsewhere to have a crack at it.

Will update below once I get a reply from them.

Just a humble podcaster here so if this request is a totally unreasonable amount of work, many apologies and ..... well do it anyway for a laugh.

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To any off the podcast app developers/owners on here. After seeing the amount of amazing apps on here I'm starting to listen to my pods off of Spotify, but they do have one feature I use a lot which is the ability to share the thumbnail of the current episode onto my insta/FB story.

If anyone implemented this your app would instantly become my go to for listening and sharing.

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@Meremortals Glad to hear I’m on the right path! Lots more to do, but I hope to provide value on the way! There’s a link to an android apk on podfriend.com :)

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