As Dave & Adam talked about on the latest P2.0 show, I have indeed been sneakily starting up the 'Value For Value' podcast again. And so for the first highlighting episode I chose to cover them and their approach to showcasing v4v.

The format is new and raw so if you have any suggestions on how I can improve I'm all ears!

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Here is another clip I made using Fountain from the latest episode of @Meremortals

I should have titled it “Diving In Head First While Running With Scissors” 😅

#newpodcastapps #podcasts #podcast #podcasting #podcasters #value4value

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We want to give a special boostagram shoutout to @Meremortals

Thank you for our first boostagram! Your kind words mean the world to us! 🙏

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I'm out in Westport with @Laurien and @ablekirby selling audio gear and gemstones for sats and evangelizing podcasting and music on the lightning network! Come join us, we'll be out here til 8 pm!

Even my most used podcasting app thinks that I'm a Karen. If I ever start sending in whiny boostagrams @dave then I'm going to blame @merryoscar

@jamescridland hey James. Fyi, I've noticed some of your artwork recently has been doing this in Fountain. Was there anything different about this image?

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Sometimes I like to go back and look at old posts to see how far we've come in a year.

This time last year, we were still trying to figure out how to implement lightning payments in apps, and CurioCaster was released.

We've all come a long way in only a year. Very exciting times ahead of us.


Lightning Comment: A small fixed sats number (5?, 10?) where its primary purpose functions like a YT comment.

Boostagram: Variable sats number based on how much value I want to send (no limit) where its primary purpose is to directly message the podcaster.

Any thoughts?

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What I like about the boostagrams is that I can get the direct message to the podcaster AND I can be the one to specify the value. When I use them I somewhat implicitly assume that it is a private message and might be read out on their show, but not necessarily. I can imagine many scenarios where I wouldn't send a message if I knew that it would be surfaced to all eyes directly below the player.

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Just on the boostagram & lightning comment debate. I wouldn't say I'm opposed to having a value attached to a cross app comment, but I think it should just be a minimal number to deter spam. I feel the trade off of making someone pay vs being 100% open is won by eliminating spam. Also, I don't browse the YT comments to see who was willing to pay the most to broadcast their message, I go to find the most liked/replied as these are like the crowdsourced wisdom.

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New song "Freedom" by Signs Of New Growth (S.O.N.G.):

The verses act as small vignettes about life scenarios and experiences. Coming from a skeptical place of questioning the meaning of life that ends in tragedy.

"Just when you thought that you might be free
Your freedom went walking away
Your freedom went running, screaming and crawling
Anything doing away"

@dave I'm watching your reactions to our podcast in real time now 👀. My god this is amazing!

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That moment when you think your ear buds are connected via Bluetooth, but they are not and your iPhone speaker volume is set to 100% and you start the Podcasting 2.0 podcast with @adam ’s awesome opening kicks off. and all eyeballs near you in the airport are on you. Good times.

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Fountain 0.3.6 is now live!

This new update includes:

⚡ Automatic Downloads
⚡ Podcast Filter Tags
⚡ Other Bug Fixes

@jamescridland Hey James how are you uploading your chapters into Buzzsprout for Podland? I know you're a fan of eliminating repetitive work and I have the data created in an excel sheet as part of my podcasting process (see screenshot). I can't see another way of doing it via Buzzsprout but you're smart so may know another way :)

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@Meremortals "Also thanks to whomever it was that sent some Sats with a nice note our way recently (assuming they're on here). Using Satoshi Stream allows me to see the Boost-A-Gram text but not from who or from what app as far as I can tell in the export spreadsheet. Was very exciting to see it all work freaking amazing..."

@dave Hey dave I tried to send through a bunch of small boostagrams for a laugh and didn't think they were going through in Fountain as there were error messages. But upon second reflection they might have gone through so feel free to ignore them for next week.

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@Meremortals I suggested to @dave that these should be in the Podcast Index github. But they're here, thank to @ablekirby -

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